The Main Film Elements In Morgan Spurlock’s Supersize Me

Super-Size me is a documentary film, direct by Morgan Spurlock, Morgan Spurlock is a person who did a rare social experiment, like eating a big amounts of McDonalds in thirty days. It’s a rare experiment that nobody thought of. This documentary will show us how he withstands the challenge of this experiment. We all know this experiment will make him live a dangerous life. It will affect his social life. The documentary starts with Morgan with great health and weight. He wants to show how obese people live with the fast food like it’s a part of their life and they eat in a daily day three times from MacDonald’s. He accepted the challenge. We saw American’s eat, when he finished 10 days from his challenge he went to check up on his blood, the doctor said for him you have to change your way on eating junk food change it by drinking water while eating in these 30 days. He completed the challenge like nobody said for him something, nobody supports him after that decision that he took to complete the challenge. Because his health was going in a bad way. Because everybody knows that this will cause him a bad body and bad health, but he completed like nothing happened. All of the doctors were surprised from that social experiment.

Morgan Spurlock does a great job in his use of the camera angles in his documentary “Supersize me”. He won an award for this documentary, He didn’t win only by doing his rare experiment, also he won by directing it in a nice and clever way, he showed his creativity by moving the camera angles in safe and professional way. For example, when he starts off eating his first supersize me from MacDonald’s, the camera moves in to Spurlock and zooms to his face in professional way and without shaking while he was filming himself when he was sitting in the car, and he was physically sick and the audience can see that it is real! the noises that he was making it was very bad, anybody who thinks that he will vomit he will understand that experience was not very pleasant. We can see from his face and his increasing calories that he will vomit and he will be sick if he doesn’t stop this experiment.

Interviews in this documentary ‘Supersize me’ are very important because it gives you the details about his health, and what will happen if he stayed in the same way. The interviews with the obese people were giving us information about what happens. Also the interviews in the award of winning this documentary were excellent for example they interviewed with the doctors before he did this experiment and after. The doctors were saying about his blood pressure and if he will gain lot of weight, and also they asked the doctors the danger of obesity, and what diseases can the human have if their overweight, and the doctors answered about what diseases that the obese people will face it, for example: stroke, high blood pressure, and cancer breathing problems, and it can ruin your fitness if you it MacDonald’s daily day.

The entertainment in this documentary was in the stock footage, the stock footage used in this documentary is when they show the map of the world and how much MacDonald’s are located around the world, they showed us a pie chart of the life of an inmate when do they it and when they have their brakes, and the stock footage gave us more exactness while we were seeing the documentary, the map of Manhattan gave us more information about the locations of the MacDonald’s. One of the amazing stock footage happened when the documentary represented for us the background information about Morgan spurlock life.


Morgan spurlock was challenging himself to do this experiment eating 3 times from MacDonald’s for 30 days. Camera angles in the documentary was one of the main reason for winning an award for example, the camera moves in to Spurlock and zooms to his face in professional way and without shaking while he was filming himself when he was sitting in the car. Interviews were important because it was giving us information about health and blood pressure. Stock footage they gave us the locations of MacDonald’s in Manhattan. In this essay I discussed about the 3 important elements that were discovered in the documentary. 

16 August 2021
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