The Main Idea Of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid By Quotes

Diary of a Wimpy kid is based off of a one Kid known as Greg and in this story Greg runs into many problems. Greg has a huge big friend known as Rowley who is with him all the time who will help Greg. To every problem there is also a cause and all these problems were caused by none other than Greg’s dad. Many things happen in this story than can only be explained in a few words. This is truly a good story. Stick around and see all these quotes that will help to discover the main idea of Diary of a Wimpy kid THE MELTDOWN.

To begin with let’s talk about the biggest problem that Greg runs into. I’m pretty sure this problem explains and shows everything. “Greg it is time to go outside you have been playing games all day”. Yes, I know going outside does not really seem like a big problem. Trust me the problem that he gets into was this huge snowball war. This snow ball war was a big one and caused the suffering of many men. This explains why this little quote is the root of all of the problems.

Rowley is a good friend to Greg during the whole Diary of a wimpy kid series. Rowley was a great friend in this part of the story too. “Before the snowball blasted me in the face, Rowley jumped in and took the shot”. This was truly an amazing moment. This shows what Rowley would do for Greg. Rowley symbolizes a great friend. All in all Rowley is ok and probably is still Greg’s friend.

like I said before this was caused by going outside. What caused the snowball fight though? The snowball fight was caused by none other than Greg’s dad. After they couldn’t do anything about the attacking of the snowball fight they went to Greg’s dad. “Start a war and destroy the other side”. This shows how Greg’s dad caused this. Soon enough this took a turn for the worst. They end surrendering and they turn out ok.

This is truly an amazing story. This story. Might have taken a turn for the worst but it works out. Now that you know about the root of it all you know how it started. Now that you know about Rowley you know he is a great friend. Now that we know the dad that started the fight, we know who to blame. All in all the theme can be to never influence your kids into snowball wars or this will probably happen. 

07 July 2022
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