The Miracle That Happened In My Life

Miracles can happen with anyone at any given time with no warnings. But I never thought it would happen to me. This is what I want to tell you about in the "Situation From My Life: The Miracle Essay" paper. About 10 years ago all my relatives came to my city for my cousin's sister’s marriage. I don't really remember a lot of stuff from that wedding but I can never forget the night of the accident. The accident which was more like a miracle for me and my little brother.

The night after the wedding, my aunt called all my relatives for dinner, we all had our dinner and got ready to leave for the airport to see off my uncle. Me, my elder brother, younger brother, my dad, my uncle, and my two cousins hopped in the same SUV and my other relatives were in a different car, driving just behind us. He was getting late for his flight, so we were in a hurry, but unfortunately, we were low on gas so we had to stop at the gas station, while we stopped at the gas station my relatives in the other car passed us and they were almost at the airport.

Since it was about thirty minutes' drive from my house I fell asleep, my cousin was driving the car and everyone else was talking to each other and suddenly my dad shouted my cousin’s name and said “BRAKE! BRAKE! the road is blocked ahead” as soon as he heard it he tried not to hit it and turned the car away from the barricade and barrels but the car went out of control and it flipped three times, the car went from one side of the road to the other and landed upside down.

When all of this was happening, I thought I was dreaming, but it was not a dream it was really happening I didn’t realize that until we got out of the car. We helped each other to get off the car. The headlight was still turned on, as far as I can remember that was the only light on the highway.

My dad got out his phone to make a phone call and lucky the phone survived the accident but the screen was cracked. He called my relatives who were in another car and said “Our car broke down,'' he said that because he knew if he mentions the accident they will start panicking and rush to us. While we were waiting for them, someone saw us standing by the highway, she stopped her car and asked us if we need help and then she noticed the wrecked car and called the ambulance. The ambulance and my relatives came around the same time, as soon as they saw us they were shocked, I can never forget their reactions. My mom and my aunt started crying when they saw all the blood on the hands and legs. Everyone was so confused about everything, no one in my family ever experienced this kind of accident before.

My cousin brother who was driving the car went nuts, he kept seeing the car, and us and kept blaming himself for everything, he felt so bad about the accident. Because of his tiny mistake, he risked so many lives. I cannot imagine how much pressure he had on him. It's not easy to live with ourselves knowing you risked so many lives because of your carelessness.

We left for the hospital, which was pretty far from the highway. They took us into the emergency section for the first aid and check-ups. After all the X-rays and check-ups doctor said my cousin and my dad broke their elbow and my uncle fractured his arm, but surprisingly, I and my eight months old little brother were scratch less. If we think about it that is a huge miracle, two kids getting out of a car that flipped three times and landed upside down with not a single scratch on the body is not a joke. Everyone was surprised even the doctors were shocked.

I thought I was still dreaming and this is all fake because I have never seen such a miracle in my life before. I kept asking my mom if this is really happening or this is all fake, but she was in shock too, she didn’t respond to me and I understand that her whole family was in that car if anything went more wrong she would have lost so much in just a fraction of a second.

If that miracle wouldn’t have happened we wouldn’t have survived and I cannot imagine how would my mother deal with such a tragedy. Losing our parents is painful but child loss breaks a person into pieces. A few months passed away and everyone healed up pretty fast and got back to their busy schedules and that's all it matters, we survived.


09 March 2021
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