The Morality Of Abortion

People make the decision to have sex every day, and just as well, women get pregnant every day. Women may think that when they get an abortion at their local clinic, they are just getting rid of something that has inhabited their bodies like a virus, but little do they know that they are killing an innocent life. Abortion is not a justifiable option for pregnant women because it is the equivalent of murder. No civilized society allows one human to deliberately harm or take the life of a fellow human being without being punished, and that’s exactly what abortion permits. Many people believe that abortion is another form of contraception, but the definition of contraception is a way to prevent pregnancy. However, abortion is done when you absolutely know you are pregnant and therefore can’t be defined as a form of contraception, so it can’t be used as an excuse to rid oneself of a fetus.

Also, for women who want complete control of their bodies, control should include preventing the risk of unwanted pregnancy through the responsible option of using contraception or, if that’s not possible, through practicing abstinence. To declare that the beginning of life at any point after the joining of a woman’s egg and a man’s contribution is unreasonable and an exercise in sophisticated deceit. The only man-made machines such as cars and clocks come into existence piece by piece. Living human beings come into existence all at one time and progressively unfold a world of natural potential. A living human being begins to come into existence at the moment of fertilization, even though it is only a cell. What’s important isn’t the size or weight but the spirit or soul – which is fully human. The unborn baby has a clear, permanent, and exclusive genetic code, unique in all of the history of existence, from the moment of insemination until death. Acquired abortion is never just a personal choice, but a horrible offense against God and the creation He has made.

The anti-abortion topic has always been a religious battle and the people fighting for it have been Catholics across the world. This is because the church teaching on abortion is straightforward and indisputable. Acquired abortion is murder. There are no exceptions permitted, no compromises are accepted. The continuous war on terror has to lead to a continuation of the national realization of the high cost of war and for many, an increased aspiration for peace. And, despite all this interest and concern, the most terrible war of all continues intensely. This is currently a war going on in the world, and it has taken 58 million lives in the last 45 years, and that is just in America. This plague is as horrible as anything that a terrorist can think of because it hits the core of humanity, which is the family. By destroying one of the most essential human bonds of all— the things between a mother and her child—abortion takes away the priceless bond that binds our nation together. While the mother and the child are the first to begin with casualties, there is not a single component of society that is not influenced by fetus removal. Mother, child, father, spouse, close relative, uncle, companion, kin and grandparent alike endure the scars of the abortionist’s surgical tool. Peace overseas is insignificant without peace at domestic. The unborn baby's heart begins beating at 24 days and brain waves can be recorded after 43 days.

On the off chance that the law employments these components to decide to pass, why can't they be utilized to decide life? Babies can survive exterior the womb at 22 weeks. 5 to 14 weeks, the body of the unborn child is delicate to pain. 6 The fetus is not an outline that gets to be a human being, any more than a paper diagram gets to be a house. Women that try to push for a fetus removal do not continuously have an accomplice that concurs and bolsters their choice for ending the pregnancy. In the event that the father is willing to bolster and care for the embryo, it is off-base for a woman to go against his wishes and take after through with a fetus removal. For a father to need to be included in the fetus’s life implies he is willing to take on the duties of having a child so he ought to have a say in the event that his baby ought to be ended or not. The Becoming A Father/Refusing Fatherhood article states, “To be a father-as-progenitor a man simply has to provide the sperm that leads to conception, whereas to be a father-as-carer a man has to take on a variety of social roles. The roles associated with the father-as-carer included disciplinarian, breadwinner/provider, guardian, moral compass, sex role model, guide and friend” (Ives 78).

To have a father-as-carer in an offspring’s life gives a woman no reason to get an abortion. The woman is consciously aware of the outcomes of intercourse when willingly performing in such an act. In the Rethinking Roe V. Wade article it states, “if a woman concedes to voluntary sexual intercourse, she has incurred a responsibility to care for the fetus, since she is responsible for its existence and subsequent dependence on her body for sustenance. Consequently, she has a moral obligation to sustain it until birth, an obligation that ought to be legally enforced by proscribing abortions” (Manninen 41). The female is aware of the consequences when engaging in sexual acts so it should be her responsibility to carry the fetus to term. The number one reason that pro-life should be supported is that God is in charge of life and death. He did not create us to do this for him. In the Ten Commandments, God tells us “thou shalt not kill. ” Yet millions of unborn babies are killed every year worldwide. We are created in the image of God. “We” means everyone – big or small, young or old, disabled or not. God created us all.

Another reason that pro-life should be supported is that ending a human life by abortion is modern-day human sacrifice. In reviewing ancient history, I learned that humans were killed as sacrifices to false idols. Now we “sacrifice” our unborn children to our modern idols such as money, self-desires, and convenience. People are taught that children are expensive, a burden to carry, and will prevent them from pursuing their own dreams. All people are to be treasured and motherhood received as a gift from the Lord. Not only am I pro-life for the reasons above, but I have also seen first hand how precious life is even when it is small. When you can already see the baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, it’s alive. She had the baby at home and even though the baby was smaller than my thumb, I could see that it was a human being. The baby had arms, legs, eyes, ears, and a nose. I knew this baby was a true gift, made by God.

Since then, my family has been blessed with two more siblings and I have realized that no matter how small, babies are a gift from the Lord. The three reasons that make me pro-life are God, knowing that abortion is human sacrifice, and how wrong it feels like when you feel guilty. I believe as our founding fathers did when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. ” All human life, born or unborn, has value. It is time we all start respecting and protecting it. Pro-abortionists argue that the fetus is not yet a human life. But this has been scientifically proven to be wrong. Specialists are not fair blotching out a live cell when they perform a fetus removal, they are extinguishing the fire of an unused life and they know it. Ladies know this as well. As before long as she can feel the development of human life inside her, she knows.

And how could she not know? Life inside another life is most interesting and superb. There must without a doubt be a bond between the lady and the minor human life she carries inside her for nine long months—a bond that sprouts into mothers cherish for her child, in the case as it was given the chance. And after that, after maintaining this baby’s life with her possess, she relentlessly and for her claim comfort, snuff out that life that had scarcely started without each giving it a chance. Our exceptionally owned Declaration of Independence states that: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness . . . ” There, our very own Declaration of Independence clearly states that every human being has the right to life. And presently that it is a logical reality that the embryo is a human being, that implies that it as well as the right to Life, Freedom, and the interest of joy.

So idealized is the contention that it nearly appears that our forefathers composed it in the defense of the unborn. Fetus removal could or may not be against the U. S. Structure, but it is against the American self-image. With the information that an unborn child is, without a question, a human being, we pitilessly deny him the rights that Americans have battled and kicked the bucket for the past two centuries. We’ve battled wars for our flexibility, we’ve battled wars for the opportunity of slaves, and wars for the opportunity of other nations. Freedom is our bread and butter, freedom is what America represents in a nutshell, freedom and the unalienable rights of man Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. “All men are created equal,” all men, born or unborn. We must protect the rights that the unborn deserve, the rights that can’t be denied to them. We must give them the chance to become good citizens of the world who may become great people and do great things for the world, we just need to give them that chance. It all starts with the decision of letting them live.

10 October 2020
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