The Need For More Immigration Restrictions In America

Currently in the United States, there’re over 12 million illegal aliens that live and use American services for free. As a result of these statistics, the average American worker has to spend more money on taxes, so that the illegals get their free services that they don't deserve. Many presidents have tried, but only a few presidents have fulfilled their promise of minimizing undocumented people. For that to happen, the U.S needed to know their leaders’ view on these issues so Trump could be able to fix it. Another problem that had to be dealt with is the economic burden illegal immigrants put the country in. Not only that, but there are still too many illegals that have successfully penetrated through our border enforcements. Finally, social differences can harm the country if one or multiple groups feel like they are not being accepted nor appreciated. With the rise of illegal immigration since the early 2000’s and the economic and social burdens it has created, the United States must add more security to its border protection and more restrictions to limit immigration.

In order to take action against illegal immigration, there must be a leader that has background knowledge on this issue of illegal immigrants like President Donald J. Trump. The President has stated, “The U.S has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems”. For that to happen, Donald has promised to build a wall on the border of U.S and Mexico and would promise to make Mexico pay for it. Many cities that protested against cracking down on illegal aliens will lose federal grants from the government. Trump also proposed to the congress to either get rid of or lessen the people who win in the diversity lottery program AKA green card lottery for people who want to come to the U.S. He also wants to favor immigrants with stable families in the U.S and wants the U.S to increase the population from prosperous countries. This can be shown, when Trump tweeted that “I want a merit-based system of immigration and people who will help us take our country to the next level”. In addition to this, the article also specifies a chart where it shows Americans Priorities on Illegal Immigration. The chart emphasizes that 51% of Americans care more about securing the border than 45% of Americans who care about dealing with illegals in the country. As president, Trump represents a majority of Americans views on border and immigration problems.

Furthermore, as the illegal population increases in the states, it also puts an enormous amount of pressure on the economy. On one hand, many illegals do not pay their taxes. There is no way for them to pay taxes if they are here illegally. According to government reports, it states that illegal immigrants have used about 26 billion dollars in funds, while only paying the government back 16 billion dollars. All in all, the government lost about 10 billion dollars that they could have used somewhere else). Usually, illgal aliens only work in farming and industrial businesses while getting paid under the table. For example, the first job I had was under the table since I was still a minor. When I was in junior year of high school, I was finally allowed to work legally on check, so I had to give my Social Security number to prove that I was in fact legal citizen of the United States. Many of them have no education and are very unskilled at modern jobs. They also worsen the economy by sending the money they have earned illegally back to their home countries to support their family. Also, most supporters of stricter laws on immigration have stated that they would rather have people from developed places than not as developed places. According to a conservative commentator Rock Lowry, he stated, “The fact is that immigrants from rich countries tend to do better here than immigrants from poor countries”. This kind of move will help improve America’s economic struggles that illegal aliens have imposed.

As more and more immigrants pour into the United States, there becomes a greater chance of culture clashes which can result in harm. Robert Brown, President of Boston University stated in a public statement that “I hope the new administration appreciates how much of our greatness throughout history and in the future will be created by the people from foreign lands”. Supporter of deporting illegals say that culture conflicts could lead to violence like terrorism on a specific culture on U.S soil. Because of this Mr. Trump ordered a Muslim country ban when he stated that “We cannot afford to continue the failed policies of the past, which present an unacceptable danger to our country”. These are the reasons why The United States of America should place a cap on number of immigrants that can come to the U.S.

The United States needs to add more security to its borders and limit immigrants it intakes each year, to help keep America safe socially and economically competitive. Illegal immigrants have caused havoc on the U.S economy by making the government spend more. Illegal aliens also have made it tough to protect the borders from illegals and drugs infesting the children of America. If the U.S does not tighten up security from illegal immigrants, then the risk for an average American to feel safe at home drops significantly. 

16 December 2021
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