The Need For Serious Consideration Of Weight Effects And Measurement

It is estimated that around 1 billion humans are overweight making obesity a silent killer who is rarely spoken of. Death in Africa has increased by 17% as per WHO 2017 statistics. The parental perception of weight status is rarely discussed and according to Robinson (2016), it was noted that parental identification of a child being overweight does not hinder the child from being overweight as medical weight check charts are the only proper tools to control the child's weight. If not controlled, it leads to obesity and the food we consume also does not help. Obesity has been linked to the high intakes of sugar in products thus have mostly affected the Americas and European countries. As there is no clear obesity combating programme, the consumers are left at the mercy of how often they will indulge in sugar consumption. Obesity check starts with proper identification and this can be done in BMI charts. It was also observed that obesity treatment is proper dieting combined with exercise so as not to strain the body and cause cardiovascular issues. Pediatric obesity has mostly been ignored as they pediatric do not enough time to give a proper diagnosis and the other contributing factor is the overlooking of pediatric obesity as some just deem it as being overweight. In regards to offering a treatment procedure, one has to give counseling to the child and parent to ease the stress as it is a complex and stressful model.

In the article perception of weight status on children (2016), the author suggests that obesity is usually misdiagnosed due to the perception that children have the ability to play and shade of few pounds making them fit again. The parents also do not want to accept that obesity is a condition that can adversely affect a child’s health. The perception of parents about their children's weight gives the reason that inaccurate information is relaying across the medical field about obesity and overweight and only through BMI charts can one validate the real body weight. Through this article, we can tell that the introduction of serious consideration of weight effects and measurement should be implemented and always recorded and all changes should be followed with follow up questions to discover their reasons.

In the article by Jane and Carlos (2011), when proper records are kept, it makes it easier to diagnose effectively. The use of charts and recorded information in clinics reduce misdiagnosis and this can be achieved by in training of clinic officers as the most affected are the poor. While most of them use physical assessment which is inaccurate, by offering technical training skills and how to go about advising the child and the parent will go a long way in the alleviation of obesity misdiagnosis. The only sure way of alleviating obesity is by creating awareness of the power of exercising and on how to properly diet. The government can also create subsidies on the healthy organic food and tax the sugary foods to reduce their consumption.

11 February 2020
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