The Need To Combat World Povery

If you can afford at least three meals a day, consider yourself lucky. Many people go without a single meal per day. Some people consider themselves to be poor by not having a big mansion or a luxurious car, yet some people cannot afford a single meal per day. Poverty is common to nearly the whole world but a main problem to third world countries such as Africa, Asia and America. Poverty is associated with lack of food, adequate access to clean drinking water, malnutrition, homelessness and preventable diseases like dialarhoea and pneumonia which take lives of two million children a year who are too poor to afford proper treatment.

There are several types of poverty which are distinguished on factors such as time (long term or short term and distribution (widespread, individual or concentrated).The main two examples of poverty are relative and absolute poverty. Absolute poverty is characterized by homeless people living on the streets, families not being able to afford to buy food to feed themselves and their children and lack of access to healthcare. The people basically focus on surviving each day as it comes. Relative poverty is referred to as relative because of the average standard of living. Other types of poverty include situational, urban, rural, and generational poverty.

In order to get rid of extreme poverty, it is necessary to understand its causes. There are a lot of things which cause poverty. One of the major causes of poverty is little or no access to a livelihood or jobs. The majority group that falls under this are the youth. Besides unemployment, overpopulation is also another major cause of poverty. Overpopulation brings about the ‘survival for the fittest mechanism’ Epidemic diseases such as tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and malaria as well as communicable respiratory diseases kill the most people. Other causes of poverty include inadequate access to clean water and nutritious food, poor education, climatic changes, lack of good infrastructure, political instability, inequality and limited capacity of the government

Although poverty as a global problem cannot be eliminated, it's possible to decrease its level. The best way of reducing poverty is through creating job opportunities. The government should look for ways to create jobs for the people. Another way of reducing poverty is through raising of the minimum wage to help the poor. The immigration return should also be implemented. Many undocumented workers face limited employment options. Immigrants should be allowed to work or their families will more likely to be poor. Fighting segregation and racism. Many black and Latino particularly children are most affected by this. Fighting this will help reduce poverty rates. Other ways of dealing with poverty include investing high quality childcare, end of poverty tax, end mass incarnation, paid family and sick leave, sustain not cut the social safety net and generation of awareness. In order to make an impact, you must educate and inform people on the cause and how to deal with it.

The community has all the resources it needs to fight hunger and poverty. Most people still go hungry yet there is enough food because it's not equally distributed due to political conflicts. We can solemnly address poor farming practices such as overgrazing, monocropping, deforestation and over drafting that exhaust land fertility and cause hunger. Together we can eliminate poverty, illiteracy and inequality. We can, and we must do this together. 

16 August 2021
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