The Negative Effects Of Computers On The Environment And Humans’ Health

Computers are really important in today’s society, with how advanced it is, but with all of that comes some downfalls, but what are they? Let’s look at some of the negative effects on our environment and on our health. First off, they are made from chemicals and heavy metals from electronic waste in landfills. Such metals and chemicals are a contribution to global warming and can also cause both air pollution and water contamination. When these substances are burnt, it releases hazardous smoke into the air, which can touch the water, which can cause health risks when people drink the water and use it to clean their clothes. Moving along, computers also have an unnecessary use for paper. Large amounts of emails, files, or anything from the internet wastes paper and harms trees. Some don’t even turn of their electronic devices, which wastes electricity that could’ve been saved and reduce the amount of burnt fossil fuels. One final effect on the environment is that it consumes power heavily. As previously stated, when the heavy metals are burnt, it releases hazardous pollution into the air. The people around this gain various diseases, like skin cancer, kidney disease, abortion, and more.

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So we’ve seen some of the negative effects of the environment, but what about us humans? Let’s see some negative effects on human health. First, one of the negative effects is radiation. The term is quite broad and it can cover a large amount of wave energies which can be exposed to. It can also slowly eat away at our vision, causing you to have terrible eyesight. Most people choose to ignore this, and it comes back to harm them when they’re older. Another effect is musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs for short. Musculoskeletal disorders are injuries and/or disorders that can affect one’s body movement or the musculoskeletal system. When we type for long periods of time, it causes a big strain on our fingers and can cause potential injuries and broken bones. Moving on, it can also cause a big strain on the eyes. Mainly, computers release out a number of wave energies of radiation to where a human can lose some of their eye sight or even go blind. It would be very hard to see things from a far off distance. The final effect we’ll talk about is behaviour problems. One’s personality can change by how they are online, usually people on computers or electronic devices would be isolated and by themselves, along with not having many friends and usually would approach things quite angrily and negatively. And with that, these are some of the negative effects of computers towards the environment and human health, so be careful when you throw away your computer next time.

01 February 2021

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