The Negative Effects Of Messengers On Users

Spending much time on social networking account is a major addiction which could lead to putting plans off and ruining friendships. Social networking prevents individuals from being successful. There are some major downfalls to having social networking accounts. Social networking is a resource that is convenient for everyday lives of individuals and negatively influences the lives of people. Social network has plenty of characteristic by the many different updates and trends are provided to users. The three major downfalls to messengers is the potential for addiction, a miscommunication through tone, and becoming anti-social. The first effect of having a social media account is being addicted. Almost every person has some form of social networking.

There are many negative effects to having social networking accounts which could persuade an individual to have an addiction problem or even forgetting to do things. Each person does not notice the number of minutes or hours spent on their social accounts. Individuals occupy numerous hours on different trending social sites which accounts mostly in posting, commenting, “liking” and even screenshotting if people are interested in what it is. The amount time spent on your media account could possibly add up and cutbacks to the individuals who total amount spent your productivity that takes up your whole day. It could easily start by turning on your phone and clicking on your media account and then scrolling down and trying to look up something things that are very important, and then seeing your social network notifications popping up.

Devoting so much time on social network could trigger an induvial to forget that they have other things to do, but to only focus on what is happening in the media on their devices. Not only does social networking diminish the efficiency from doing chores around the household, and with schoolwork. Students think shutting down cellular devices or putting them on air plane mode is most rewarding. Also, because many individuals have plenty of social media accounts, if people are not attentive to being successful and taking responsibility, the people entire day would be demolishing and only acknowledging social media and seeing what is trending around the world. Social networking can give people an addiction problem by their behavior in a negative way, which could ruin a friendship and your support for that person.

The second effect to having a social media account is the tone through a written message. The tone cannot always be detected by the reader because the reader cannot hear the messengers voice. Sometimes written messages are in full caps. If a messenger includes exclamation points and spelling errors, and reader is left misconstrued by the reader, leaving readers wondering why the messenger is screaming at them. The tone of a message can be received in two ways: positively or negatively. The tone of a message could lead people to have a mental breakdown or even lead to having a confrontation, which could ruin and hurt individuals. The tone can also confront to unnecessary arguments. A tone through a message is a major effect that can’t be discover through social networking.The last effect to having a social network account is being anti-social. Being anti -social cannot help you in life. Every person should have communication skills and have eye contact when talking to a person.

Humans need to understand in today business world, people are required to be able to hold a conversation. Without stumbling over their words. Another requirement is being able to speak in front of an audience while keeping up eye contact and having a little bit of hands gestures. Another problem with being anti-social is that individuals are frightened that it going to be an addicted to it wireless devices which that is showing a lot of different concerns. Also, there are many levels that are standing out which is establishing the different virtual faces. The different emojis that shows happy faces, or the sad faces that the messengers received besides speaking face to face. Anti-social could also ruine a lot of people to have jobs due to social media because and being anti-social can be fixed if individuals, put down their cell phone device and stay off social media and have a decent conversation with each other face to face.

01 February 2021
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