The Organization Of Home To Gain Space

The materialism that brings us the consumerism of the 21st century is the great enemy of space in the home. The way to combat it is with the sum of organization and order , which well executed provide space. Here are a selection of ideas for you to get more space in your home.

The redistribution of the home to gain space

We must ask ourselves if the division of the house is the most adequate before trying to look for a mechanism of gain of space . Well, the key may be in the current placement of the furniture that we have. Therefore, we must ensure that the division of spaces and environments is determined by the furniture itself.

For example, to divide a room between the area of chat, coexistence and leisure and the dining area can be enough with a simple change of position of the sofa . We tend to stick the sofas to the wall, but if we place one next to the wall and the other in front, we can limit the space of coexistence to put the table of the dining room next. The organization of a room, whatever it may be, generates a sense of spaciousness. And, therefore, it eliminates the ambition to get space, since it does not feel necessary.

Sliding doors to gain space

Sliding doors are an obvious gain in terms of space . Hinged doors require the loss of the angle they need to open and close. You can play with the textures and tones of these doors to increase the sense of space with translucent materials.

Winning space in the closet world

You have to start with a clear question: is everything necessary? In a closet you can find everything . It is necessary to determine what is to be found in it and, from there, how it is intended to be distributed. For the organization, opaque, translucent or transparent drawers can be used, according to what is stored and the effect that is to be achieved when opening the doors; cloth baskets, as well as colored or patterned boxes. It can also be redistributed by adding more shelves or dividing the space that has the rod for the hangers in half, so that more garments can be hung.

Gain space in the room

The folding beds are a good resource for rooms with space problems, because throughout the day you have all the breadth of a bed. The suspended beds are the adaptation of the bed of the small caravan to the house. The height of the room is used to provide a new resting place without renouncing the floor space.

The storage under the bed is very useful and is achieved with boxes with wheels or with the inclusion of drawers in the body of the bed. The inclusion in the furniture of multifunctional furniture is a great option. The use of the same space to study or work, store clothes and sleep, is an investment of space that can bring many benefits. With a single piece of furniture, the functional part of a room is solved and only decorative elements and secondary functions need to be added. As for the accessories, the mirrors are a great complement for the smaller rooms.

Gain space in the kitchen

Surely within the routine do not need very large furniture. Since the rush does not allow to take them out all the party that was devised when they were purchased. That is why the use of folding tables is a great help when it comes to maintaining a kitchen with space. And, of course, it has the service provided by a table; and, at the same time, it does not consume more space than necessary while working there. However, the space that is gained with the folded table can be invested in the moments of meeting of relatives or friends to have room for all.In a kitchen there is always a closet that houses a lot of spice pots, of which three or four are normally used. The others are not used, one does not remember that he has them. For that, it 's good to get hold of a spice organizer. This can be an adapter to the wall or a small shelf to have all the spices in view. And, thus, free the closet of a space little used.

Gain space in the bathroom

There are different ideas to modernize the bathroom of the house in an economical and easy way.Some small holes in the wall of the bathroom make the same function as the quoted built-in wardrobe. They will be perfect to put the toiletries and grooming that are used on a daily basis. Only those.It may be a good time to make a good selection and throw away all those half-used boats.

Now, what do we do with everything that, although we do not use it daily, we do not want to throw away? This is the case of sun creams, for example. It is also an occasion to decorate the bathroom and give it a new charm. This is achieved with the combination of colors or sobriety, discretion and elegance; Guaranteed by white or sand colors. The space under the sink is quite useless if you do not add some drawers or shelves. These can be filled with wicker baskets that are always very decorative and discreet.

Gain space in the office

The scattering of papers and pens (how many of them do not paint?) Is a common feature of desks. To avoid this, you can accompany the table with a desk organizer. In it you can deposit both pens and clips, staples and other utensils. They usually have a section for blank pages.A classifier that combines with the tone and character of the office serves so that each paper has its place on the desk. And whoever does not find it may be because it is not necessary.

Outside: to recycle. Light colors - like, for example, the light blue - combined with good lighting are great allies when it comes to providing amplitude to the home.

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03 December 2019
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