The Past 100 Years Of Dance Styles & The Health Benefits Of Dance

Attention Getter

What if I were to tell you there is a way to communicate without language? Something that everyone understands even if they speak different languages. You may be thinking of math, which is true, but another thing that is universally practiced is dance.

Audience Motivation

If you break dance down into small parts, it can relate to math. Through the combinations of moves, and the symmetry of a group performance.


I'll cover the topics of the history of dance, dance in today's society, and the health benefits of dance. Transition Dance has evolved many times in the past 100 years ago.

History of dance: the last 100 years

Dance Styles 1920s swing dance- was a way to meet people and socialize America in the 1930s and 1940s- the great depression and WWII (1941)- the best way to relieve stress- famous dances from this era are the lindy hop or Charleston.

Disco and Salsa 1970Zumba was popularized in the 1990’sGangnam Style 2012Significant Movies Singing in the rain (1952) Tap dance- I saw it on stage and it inspired me to take tap dance when I was younger. West side story (1961) or hairspray (2007)Famous singers Michael Jackson & Beyonce Transition: This was all before the rise of reality television.

Dance today. Reality TV

“So You Think You Can Dance” premiered in 2005 with 10 million viewers and has won multiple Emmys--”Dancing with the stars” 23M in 2011--Dance moms *actual reality* Dance at the university level--Emily Potter following her passion to be a professional dancer at the Washington school of ballet while doing online courses at Penn State.

Social media

Social media has even made a large impact on dance, such as the whip and nae nae or the kiki challenge. Transition: Besides danced being used for the purposes of memes, it can be used to improve your lifestyle.

Health. Mental break

Dance can be used as a way to escape the stresses The Center of disease control and prevention reports that daily physical activity can improve your judgement, thinking, and sleep.

Physical activity

Offered at many skill levels, and is perfect for all ages. The center of disease control and prevention claims that 2 and a half hours of moderate physical activity can lower your chances of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers such a breast and colon cancer.


We have covered the past 100 years of dance styles, dance today, and the health benefits of dance. Memorable Statement: If you’re ever feeling inspired, try taking a swing at dance.

11 February 2020
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