The Perceptions Of Time, And Its Waste

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This is a race where the ticking tocks of the clocks are looming close behind. Life is short and its pace is swift. As the moment passes by, we realize, we miss out on its valuable price. Morning to Night is our style of analysing our way of clock wisely, our way to see a start and an end. Life and Death. . Time

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Time. For me, it appears to be like a film roll, a roll capturing every snapshot of our passing. A roll that needs a storyline to create a full movie that is worth watching all the time. Inspiring others that are watching. A storyline leading up to A plan, A goal requiring us to always be progressive, asking us to consistently keep a sense of continuity. A rolling motion picture, having each day being broken down into screenshots, episode 1, 2 with every morning allowing to press play and that is true. Time awaits… and our future is yet to be continued in our adventure of episode 3.

Episode 3, that has me thinking about our time…. our way of living, our way of thinking, our way with freedom of expression. In other words, the way in which us watching these rolling films of others before us, has prepared with a knowledge to express ourselves for the better. In the past, what we believed, what we saw and heard, we assumed was right. But as time has developed, it has influenced us to see many sides, many perspectives. You see we had this mentality in the past where, our race, our culture, or even our origin had an impact on our society, and as a result many of us were not embracing this area of freedom into the mindset. Consequently, people found it hard to fight against this. But look at us today. Is it the same? This very idea you see can be seen over many platforms nowadays, for example, movies and shows are now displaying those that are homosexual, LGBTQ communities and as a result of being exposed to such things over a period of time, we have become greatly accepting of those people, it is time that has allowed us to understated, that it is time for us to finally accept people, things, ideas without much judgement (like were are now learning how to deal with these sort of ideas in schools whereas a few year back in time this was merely the case.

While time is good, it can also present negativity. One of those things is how our world is sometimes a delusional world when confronting with the circumstances of time. We presume we are left with just a batch of time to just explore our way to live and our way around wealth success. Time has now controlled us in such a degree where especially nowadays we are so reluctant with technology. We waste so much of our time into the least important attributes of what we have. On social media, YouTube. You agree, right? while it may not seem so, these interruptions become first priority. Did you guys know that on average, teenagers like us, we waste 3 and a half hours every day on the internet and games and many other time consuming activities. This adds to approximately 94 hours in a month. In one year that’s a total of 1,131 hours. That’s 67,860 min 4,071,600 sec (quick maths). That has gone down beneath us and flown away into disappearance. For many of us, those figures may be even more.

But you see, the reflection that I don’t see is how we leave so much time off our hands that we don’t have much time for us… for us to enjoy. . for us to relax. For us to realize that we are here only part-time in this timeline. We work till we’re broke eat till we’re are an athlete sleep till we’re off beat go to school till we’re educated and steer at a screen only to make our time roll, film roll harder to clean. This is in fact a race where the ticking tocks of the clocks are looming close behind. We have progressed, but we’ve also wasted. Life is short and its pace is swift.

31 October 2020

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