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The Power Of Professional Capital

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The issue of his study is to explore powerful ideas of capital and identify the importance of it to professional work, capacity and effectiveness in education. It claims that professional capital requires a focus not only to political and social investment, but also professional work, capacity and effectiveness. To them capital is something that you need to make an investment to have in return that are valuable to remain worthy. In teaching there are two visions for capital and how it can be used in teaching.

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First, the business capital approach that teaching does not require thorough training, hard work, or extensive training in school. That teaching can be learned in weeks or months as long you are passionate and enthusiastic. The other one is the profssional capital approach that requires practical knowledge, high levels of education, intense habits within schools and continuous improvement cooperatively for the development of wise judgement. It mentioned also that there are three kinds of capital that deals professional capital: Human capital, which is the human talent of an individual. It draws the best people in the profession if developed well they can construct efficiently; social capital the cooperative power of the group which implements in different habits; and last the decisions capital in which understanding and capability to make sound judgments about the learners. It mentioned both human and social capital is important, but human capital is not influential as social capital in the main strategy because change can be performed faster and effectively if the use of group to change the group. It means that developing teachers as a team or group can identify and respond to the needs of individual students. As an outcome, the support of human capital will be able to attract the best people to work effectively. While in social capital it is not only mainly for professional learning communities because every community works in different ways. In professional capital it needs consideration not only in political and social investment but also leadership actions and educator needs, contribution and career stages.

In conclusion, making professional capital as the main primary investment may produce a good leadership with combination of non systematic and not judgmental leaders. There must be a committed effort to accomplish a powerful awareness for professional capital. But on the other hand, there are restrictions to have a powerful professional capital because there are are factors to be considered in a decisional capital such as: commitment that deals how enthusiastic and dedicated driven by a moral purpose as a professional and capability on how they perform their job and manage. It is because there are career stages to be considered in the development of decisional capital. The other one is the powerfulness and a need of being constructive, responsible and commited to move professional capital forward. This study can be one factor of having a source of brain power. Because scientists discovered that people who feel powerless actually see the world differently, and find a task to be more physically challenging than those with a greater sense of personal and social power. This professional capital affects the development of the indviduals’ brain to become powerful in terms of learning performance. Because it might be a push of desire of performing compliance, a pull to power an individual into enthusiasm, vision and improvement and a-nudge that enable an individual to have a power of guiding others to make a better one. Professional capital may lead an individual’s’ brain power the ability to do something on one’s own which refers to one’s abilities.

These kind of abilities are intellect, resources, knowledge, and etc that can be developed a power to accomplish things that ohers cannot. This kind of power when works on our brain the brain’s motor resonance system resulted in high-power. It is possible, in the professional capital as professional investment can help a flexible working brain, strong body and strong disposition that can influence of how power affects cognition, emotions, behavior and brain structure and function.

15 Jun 2020

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