The Problem Of Kidney Failure And Kidney Stones

Allah Subhan al-mu'minin has given human to two kidneys. These are actually glands, below the ribs, towards the stomach, towards the left and left. The cubits are 11 cm long, 7 cm wide, and 2 or 3 The cm is thick. Each kidney contains more than 10 million gland, nephranan, or filter (membrane), an estimated 1,500 liters of blood passes in an estimated 24 hours.

Kidney function is to destroy excessive, harmful, excessive material from the body. The body maintains the balance of water and salt in the body, such as calcium, potassium and phosphorus, plus water and other salts. It is important to stay in the body as a result of the lack of disease, it can not survive, kidney function is to keep the balance in these materials, salts and water. There are many useful hormones for the surrounding body. If you lose weight in the hormone body, blood deficiency is born.

There are many reasons for kidney failure to occur in some of the following areas: On the one hand side of the membrane of membrane, membrane, or nephrin, there are corrupt material. Transparent material membrane is to filter the raw materials, if it is membrane If you do not work, for some reason it becomes worse then the strokes which begin to worsen, which cause the kidneys to stop working. This begins with pediatric or bleeding, most of which occur in the neck. Due to membrane inflammation. The second reason is sugar and high blood pressure, if diabetes occur after 10 to 15 years of age, kidney problems occur. Similarly, kidneys are bad due to the abortion of blood pressure, blood pressure patients are very important to keep their blood pressure control so that kidneys can also be accompanied by heart attack and stroke.

Summer body needs more water, drinking less water reduces water in the body and low water is caused due to winter cold, which reduces water in the body which kidneys I cause thumb, this leaflet can not be erased through the urine, there is a wound in the membrane of the gangs, which cause inflammation, which gradually lead towards the kidney field. It is the third reason why the fluid is seen, due to lack of inflammation, sugar, blood pressure, water scarcity etc, it is all due to lack of water, but also not being cleaned by water.

But there is a very important reason for kidney failure, due to depression, inappropriate disorders, inappropriate prescriptions, many people, "kidney kidney", have been diagnosed with many kidneys, kidneys and adolescent medicines. Have made a sacrifice

It was a short description of kidney stones, as well as types of kidney stones, such as sudden kidney stones, due to severe heat shortage of water, blood and water during maternity in women. The kidneys may fall suddenly due to decrease, high blood pressure, high blood pressure and snake bites and etc. Many important points are also noticeable that patients with sugar, high blood pressure, membrane swelling etc. Low weight loss, eg uncommon inflammation, decrease blood pressure or increase in excess, sweat too much Alternative kidneys may occur rapidly on the basis of instances. Other types of hemorrhoids are permanent type of kidney disease, which causes 50% of the disease to worsen before the kidneys, which can be treated with presumption. And if they are not taken care of, then the kidneys become fatal.

It is very important to note that before the kidneys are not destroyed by 80 or 90 percent before the patient does not know it, he keeps working on his daily routine, even if a neck is nutritious It works as well, it is also a matter of attention that once a kidney kidneys are completely discomfortable, no medicine or treatment can bring it to the correct condition.

If someone feels any sign of the following symptoms, he should make his check-up mandatory with the kidney specialist. Ending the desire of food, memory of weakness, nausea and vomiting, feeling of fatigue, fatigue Be yellow, face color, dried skin, frequent urine in the night and urinary obstruction, diabetes, decrease in blood pressure or abortion etc.

Treatment of kidney disease is done according to its types and stages. In general, 50 percent of kidneys are caused by the cause of sugar, blood pressure, kidney infections, etc. If they are treated, it further increases the kidneys. It can be prevented from getting worse. If there is a slide in the surrounding area, it can be treated with radicals, it is possible from the operation, but if the kidneys are completely treated, kidney stones are treated in which the kidneys and taking them One's blood group must be one, the donor will have a close connection, its printing will be so successful.

In a rash, a man rises like a fish, when there is a pain in the water when it is a pain, dump it with hot water immediately, drain the salt, add boil to tobacco and bind it to the half-spot pain. Take care of the patient, do not have half the humblings. Get rid of it. Then follow the doctor's instructions.

03 December 2019
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