The Propagandistic Background of 'Why We Fight' Movie

Glory and Why We Fight are both great ways to describe the past wars. They have many things in common and also a lot different about them. For instance, Why We Fight has a lot of propaganda, involving the “American dream” and how all men were born equal but really not all men were born equal. The American dream what is it exactly? It is supposed to be where one person loves there job and has no problems and their life is perfect. But there is no such thing as perfect now is there. Glory, on the other hand, is based on a true battle that happened in Antietam. It is based on a confederate battle. It does not have propaganda, it is mostly based on true facts. This essay is to explain the differences and what is the same about these two films.

Why We Fight was a very propagandist film? Nevertheless it is very informational by explaining multiple events involving the United States. It is a seven-film series commissioned by the United States government during World War II to justify to U.S. soldiers their country's involvement in the war. Later on, they were also shown to the U.S. public to persuade them to support U.S. involvement in the world war. The first of a seven-part propaganda series commissioned by the U.S. government explain to soldiers the necessity of fighting in World War II. Narrated by John Huston, the first part combines stock footage and animation by Disney Studios to provide a basic introduction to the rise of fascism in Europe and Japan and its threat to democracy.

In the seventh Frank Capra's propaganda film argues that the United States is resilient and its population diverse, and that the initial settlements and the Revolutionary War have given way to a nation of many ethnic groups. It examines popular opinion prior to World War II when Americans favored isolationism and its shift after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It also makes the case that national security interests require America to help defeat the Axis powers. 

In general, Frank Capra continues the 'Why We Fight' series with this propagandist documentary that encapsulates the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany. Tracing the European nation's hunger for world domination all the way back to Otto von Bismarck, Capra explores the events and the actions taken by the Nazis that led to World War II. Additionally, Capra delves into the Nazi invasion of Poland, highlighting the disparities between militaries and emphasizing the need for U.S. involvement.

07 July 2022
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