The Reality Of Change In Today’S Society

This Novel is one with many layers of deep meaning as well as interpretation. As a reader, depending on what background you come from you will receive a different meaning from this novel. One thing that is common in this reading regardless of your background is change. Change occurs to every character and everything in the novel beginning with the title “The Metamorphosis”. The word Metamorphosis is another word for change. Meaning a complete change or structure, substance or even form. Of course, the obvious change in this read is Gregor's change in appearance from a human salesman to a roach but change is all over the board in this story. Change is emotional, physical and can even be mental. People change according to their surroundings, circumstances, and situations. Sometimes intentional and other times inevitable. Although Gregor has been craving a change in his life, this was one that was unpredictable and eventually unwanted.

Change is the nature of life, In Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” the author shows that the idea of change is the root of someone’s actions dictating one’s behavior and destiny. “When Gregor Samsa woke up one morning from unsettling dreams, he found himself changed in his bed into monstrous vermin” (Kafka, 12). This was the beginning of Gregor’s changing life that he thought he wanted so badly. This causes a lot of changes with his surroundings and his personal feelings. Yes, his physical changes were the most obvious when his family seen him, but he was also very amazed how changed he was mentally. Before he transformed into a roach Gregor so very caring of what his family thought of him and what they needed. He catered to his family every need. Once he changed he became uncaring of his family’s opinion. “It hardly surprises him that he was showing so little consideration for the others; once such considerations had been his greatest pride. ” (Kafka, 24). This was one of the first interactions Kafka shows the reader where change influences one’s actions and behavior. It took very little time for Gregor’s attitude to change towards his family one he was morphed. His physical incapability’s cause this lack of care. Not only did this transformation from hum om his family. In the beginning of the story Gregor’s family seems to love him dearly. He was very youthful and hard working. Catering to his families every need they had very few complaints. He was a hard worker and respected by a to roach cause change in his own head, but it caused change in attitude for the society he lived in. Once he is transformed into an insect his family’s true colors are revealed. They no longer care for him the they used to. He is viewed as useless, once he can no longer earn them money to support them. This shows how his lack of income and support changes everyone’s mood towards him. His sister especially. Their relationship at one point was very strong but as soon as her brother transformed that ended. She tried to ignore him and just like the rest of the family. At one-point Grete asks, “Gregor? Aren't you well? Do you need anything? ” (Kafka, 56) And when he continues to refuse to open the door, she quietly slips away to cry. At this point she is young and wants to help, but feels helpless Grete goes from a sweet loving little sister to one who enjoys the power she has over her brother that she had never experienced before. Although the audience can understand the frustrations with the situation that Grete is having at the same time we are very disappointed with her she was Gregor’s last life time for hope, but this process of Gregor change too has changed her from a little sweet girl to a young woman who is ready for marriage. Not only had her feelings changed toward him, his had changed toward her as well.

After everything was said and done Kafka made it clear that Gregor’s who spent his who like dedicating everything he had done to his parents and sister had used him. He cared about them and put his own needs and interests behind there he worked in jobs he had no interest in to support them. For many times he wanted to quit he didn’t. Each time he would tell himself, “Besides, I have to provide for my parents and my sister”. (Kafka 84) Gregor’s dissatisfactions with his job symbolizes his dissatisfaction with the place he occupies in society an attitude towards people around him. Although Kafka uses an insect to get the audience’s attention in reality it isn’t necessary to turn into a beetle in-order to become an outcast, rejected by society. This happened to millions of people every day, but it goes unnoticed until it happens to us. The bug he was turned into was just to symbolize all the things society loves to reject. Kafka used this change in appearance to show the measure opinion of the people depend all the social roles we as people play. When you are faced with change in your life people tend to become uncomfortable and insecure. If you are in between a change in your job or social status this can cause you to shut down and change in emotional physical appearance and attitude. “Change is something that is unfamiliar and not taken lightly “. (Cote 7) Studies show that people who are going through a change in social status have a 30 percent higher change of acting out emotionally then someone who has been in the same for continuous years. This also goes for your family if they are going through the change with you. It may not directly be affecting them but if there surrounding is changing this will take a toll on them. Often times when an unfamiliar situation is taking place people naturally try to find an escape or a way to forget about what is happening. Disconnecting your feelings and thoughts from the situations is often a method. “Disassociation method” (Darke 1996)

This is exactly what Gregor’s father was doing once Gregor was no longer providing for the family and doing exactly what his father wanted him to do. Not because he just didn’t like Gregor but because the change in Gregor’s day to day providing ways had changed. Change is everywhere around us every day. When one person is living their life for mutual people this can cause a huge problem when one thing changes in that “providers” social status and appearance. This would have not been such a big deal if society didn’t create options and social requirements on people. All it took was change in one thing that others didn’t like around Gregor and the behavior or everyone flipped. Regardless of our coping method, Change is the one thing that is consistent in everyone’s life.

18 March 2020
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