The Reason Why United States Didn't Join The League Of Nations

In this essay, we will be discussing how the United States changed after the war. We will see how life was like after the war, and how rough of a time it was after the war. We will see some positive and negative events that took place after World War One. In this essay, we will learn why the United States did not join the league of nations, and how that affected everyone as well.

As World War One was ending, we got to experience the Treaty of Versailles. The Treaty of Versailles was a way to have a peaceful ending to World War One, and this was signed in June of 1919. The Treaty of Versailles made sure that Germany was responsible for what they did, and it also demonstrated an understanding of showing peace between all of the victorious allies. During the time of the war and right after, our president was Woodrow Wilson. Wilson made sure we had to have a clear vision of how life would look like after this gruesome war.

As Wilson laid out his points, the ones that stood out more to the community were the ones that applied to the community. Wilson wanted to make sure that he could write out some points that applied to the community itself, and he wanted to make sure that he was somewhat listening to the people. The main four nations that were victorious from the war met, and this was to determine peace. The French and English nations both agreed that Germany should be punished, and the United States mostly was not in favor of this because we thought France and England were being a little too harsh on Germany.

Woodrow Wilson thought the best way to have peace was to create the League of Nations, but as we know the U.S did not join, but why? The United States had to sit back and really think this threw, and this caused us not to join. The United States did not join mainly because of Isolationism, and this was because it took a lot of resources to send out U.S troops out to Europe and other parts of the world. The U.S did not think this was good because it would most likely cause another war. Or it would definitely end up killing most of the U.S troops. As the United States took a good look at all of the rules of the League of nations they did not want to join because it would basically end up causing way too much stress on the community, economy and most likely start another conflict with other countries.

As the United States and other countries were recovering from the war, the 1920s were just starting to begin. This time frame to many people was a new start to the way of life, but just like everything else in this world, there were also many terrible events that happened. Although the KKK was founded earlier on in history, the 1920s was when stuff started to get very serious with this group. The KKK was basically brought back in the 1920s because of how much conflict was going on in the culture, and this was a perfect opportunity to get more people to join their group and become a dangerous group. Now that they had more members they could start to spread throughout states, and try to over through the politics there.

Having the KKK come back stronger than ever in the 1920s was one of the worst community events to ever happen, and this was because they sparked hate towards Jews, blacks, and immigrants coming in. This was a big problem during this time because all of the soldiers were coming back home, and the black soldiers were the ones being targeted by the communities and the KKK. This must have been a hard time in life for the black community because they just survived a war, and now they are coming back to a community full of hate and killings of their community.

As we start to see more racial attacks on the black community in the 1920s, we also start to see the rise of new and improved technology. We see this after every war but since it was In the 1920s things started to get more advanced. The 1920s was one of the first times we really start to see products we still use to this day, and this is very important. Although we were seeing racial attacks on society, we were still improving on our technology and making life easier as a whole. Many life-changing events took play during the 1920s, and most were positive. Even though the U.S just came back from a major war, we still mostly come back as a community and get stronger. As we started to get soldiers back that survived, we could once again start having a community, and this sparked many inventions and progression in this time frame.

This was time we got to see music get reinvented, for example, jazz music was a very important part of the 1920s. Jazz brought attention to the white community as well, and since jazz was mostly a black culture genre of music, they somewhat brought the black and white together. Even though blacks and immigrants were being killed and being forced to leave, we still got to see some of the community come together through music. As Jazz was mostly played in nightclubs, there was also school aloud. The 1920s was also a time that a lot of alcohol was introduced, and overall, the 1920s was one of the first times people felt like they had freedom.

As you can see, the war affected the United States with positive events and negative events. I think if the U.S joined the League of Nations, we would have at least had some sort of civil war or another world war way sooner than we did. Yes, Woodrow Wilson had many great points on creating this. But in the end, there really was no solution to peace because I think no matter what we do, we will always have disagreements with one another. I also think if we did join the League of Nations, we would have put way too much stress on the United States, and we could not afford that at all, especially after a war. It was most likely a good idea to not join the League of Nations because I don’t think we would have had any of the inventions or any progress in our own country as a whole.

07 July 2022
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