The Reasons For Banning Graffiti

Graffiti is an art of drawing but is counted as illegal action. Hence what kind of art is it? Well, graffiti is a drawing or writing that is wrongly drawn on public or private property. In the past, there may not be much graffiti in our society, but nowadays it has become one of the problems that our community is facing. Since graffiti is a thing which is wrongly done in public or private places it can be probably considered as a crime. In this essay, we aim to argue that graffiti should be prohibited in our community due to two reasons which are damaging properties and promoting more crimes. First of all, graffiti should be banned from the private and publics sake to protect their properties from any damage. Graffiti may ruin a pristine white wall to a dirty colorful wall. Also, it could possibly blemish the original beauty of one’s house because graffiti may take away the initial satisfaction of the house’s owner. For example, a house owner just wants her wall to be her favorite colors which are pink and white, and she is very pleased to have all her walls painted in those colors. However, when there is a graffiti being made on those walls, it seemingly destroys her house. No matter the new painting of graffiti may enhance more attractive, but that is not what she desires. Moreover, some paintings or writings may occasionally convey a bad or sexual message. Therefore, despite of its awesome design, it seems grime the wall with filth. Secondly, graffiti may increase more crimes to the community.

As we all know in the community, there will be young kids and adults growing and learning about how they are going to live their lives. If they get to see the art of graffiti, they will get interested and curious. This will lead them to commit crime unintentionally. After they committed the crime, they will tend to spread it around with their group of friends. Then their group of friends will also try and do that same thing. Hence the number of crimes will only keep increasing since there is no one to stop and give them knowledge about their actions. On the contrary, opponents of banning graffiti may argue that they draw graffiti is just to convey a specific message through their paintings or writings and to enhance the buildings attractiveness with such art. This is partly true, but perhaps this nice-looking painting or writing is not the art that the owners’ building seeks for, so it is ruining someone's original decoration. Moreover, since the art of graffiti could be seen by the public, but this action is considered as a crime, it possibly boosts crimes to the community. In conclusion, the act of graffiti should be banned due to soiling the private and public properties and multiplying more crimes. Our community indeed needs to pay more attention to this problem. If we do not take action now, we will have to face very serious in the future.

10 October 2020
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