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The Reasons I Deserve An Opportunity To Pursue Economics Degree At University

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Studying macroeconomic policies has allowed me to learn about how governments tackle economic issues. I learnt more about how governments employed the fiscal policy during the 2008 recession by bailing out the failing banks while also tackling the lower aggregate demand due to the uncertainty at the time. Completing a dissertation on ‘How will the proposed decrease in immigration post Brexit affect the UK and its economy?’ allowed me to explore macroeconomics as well as the impacts of Brexit. This developed my analytical skills through finding credible sources as well as time management skills Studying mathematics has developed my ability to break down difficult questions, provide me with a logical structure into how to it answer and integrate my problem-solving skills into real economic mathematical problems, such as calculating elasticity value.

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I have also excelled outside of school, participating in the UKMT challenge for over 6years, achieving (n) bronze awards and the best in year award for the senior challenge has developed my critical thinking ability by overcoming difficult challenges. Being selected to be in the economics strand of LSE Choice allowed me to participate in materclass sessions in which we discussed the 2008 recession and the causes and impacts. During my group’s presentation on the topic, I argued that the main cause of the financial crisis was the politicians and regulators who failed to regulate the actions of the bankers. This enriching experience has allowed me to delve deeper into what studying economics at university is like whilst developing my teamwork and presentation skills.

Securing a number of work experience placement at Octopus Investments and Patel & Co. Accountants allowed me to put forward my ideas regarding the re-branding of the company. Being heavily involved in group work with people from diverse backgrounds improved my communicational and leadership skils. Volunteering at The Alignment Centre gave me the opportunity to learn how to do end of day banking statements which has improved my ability of working under pressure.

I have also been involved in my local community, such as volunteering for BeatBullying, Ealing Soup Kitchen and Canalside Centre. Engaging with these organisations has allowed me to develop skills such as confidence, creativity and the ability to communicate well. Participating in activities such as summer schools and master classes has helped me prepare for university.

I believe that I have the right enthusiasm, ambition and academic success to pursue Economics at your institution.

18 March 2020

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