The Reasons Why Athletes Use Doping

Sports can resonate differently among people. It could be an enjoyable event, challenging event for another, a vying event or even a life risking one. However, the main reason as to why we see a large, active number of people in sports is due to the adrenaline sports offer. A large number of people going head on with others climbing their way up to be number one, sort of like “Survival of the fittest” is an experience to be experienced and also what people would spend money and time to watch and not to forget about the recognition and awards one would get in doing so. But this has raised a number of issues. Notably using drugs to enhance one’s performance on a sporting event. Now as to why athletes consume drugs all depends upon several factors which unfortunately also differs from person to person. Psychologically approaching the problem, factors can be limited down to a hand few. Namely to these three culprits - “Perform, Impress, Satisfy”. These three factors are closely interconnected. Not able to perform to heart’s content can lead to self-guilt. Athletes will then start to doubt themselves losing the confidence and motivation to do sports at the first place. If not performed well leads to less impressed audience, sponsors, team mates etc all of which further increases the chances of an athlete not being impressed at himself which by itself can cause all sorts of problems. Finally, satisfaction. 'Are my people satisfied, am I satisfied?' These types of problems are often found among young athletes who are entering this arena as a toddler and even among professional athletes who in fact are going through these issues in their everyday life.

The other reason as to why athletes rely on drugs is Social Media and here’s why. Social Media has the power to bring anyone up to fame and also completely destroy one’s career. Social media has been appreciated and at the same time been criticised for catching every moment and putting it out in mass public. As a result, there is this pressure exerted upon the Athletes to make sure to give their best at all times, being consistent at it and not to show their weakness and limitations. The problem is that humans are not machines and when it comes to athletes who could fatigued over time and need recovery time and breaks, it is physically and mentally impossible. This is a contributing factor as to why Athletes administer drugs to enhance sporting performance. The United Nation has put in a large appreciable amount of work in preventing doping. During a convention, the UN has approved a list of banned substances submitted by the World Anti-Doping Agency. As a result, governments all over the world are in a collaborative effort against banned substances. With different nations on board together in the fight against banned substances, it is now possible for officials to track doping and the sale of banned substances. Forty-one nations are involved in the goal “support and protect clean athletes” and those countries have promised to take a stand against banned substances through governmental means. The WADA list has been created on January 1st 2015 and has been updated every year.

With different nations on board together in the fight against banned substances, it should be possible for officials to track doping and the sale of banned substances. Forty-one nations were involved in the anti-doping portion of the convention and those countries have promised to take a stand against banned substances through governmental means. UNESCO is the United Nations’ lead agency for Physical Education and Sport. It offers its expertise in the design and implementation of development programmes in the domain of sport and has a played a great role in bringing up countries together and taking actions. Austria is a country having a great love for sports. Being a highly mountainous country, Austria has a great taste for winter sports and has given some of the best skiers. First official world chess champion is from this beautiful country. Some of the best formula one champions are also from here. Being said, Austria has a long history related to doping among Athletes. Two Austrian cyclists were banned for four years for being part of an international blood-doping ring involving multiple sports. Ten Austrian members of Russia’s biathlon team were charged for doping and fraud offenses. Though the government and officials are actively investigating, they are always a step behind or capturing the accusers after the crime has been done.

As a result, NADAA – National Anti-Doping Agency was established in 2008. There is a Sports Minister in Austria named Gerald Klug who has announced that the country is tightening its anti-doping laws. The new anti-doping laws of Austria has made drug cheating a criminal offense which results in severe punishment if caught. Austria has been fighting hard against doping ever since its biathlon and cross-country teams were caught up in a blood doping scandal at the 2006 Turin Olympics. As something to take away from all of this is that Sports not only requires a fit body but a strong mind to go along with that. One cannot live without the other. A Healthy mind and a healthy body go hand in hand. Thus, athletes should not only strengthen the body but the mind as well through exercise such as Meditation assuring themselves that they are fully capable of succeeding with their own hard work and determination they put in.

14 May 2021
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