The Redefining Of College Readiness

A student who is ready for college and have clearly decided on what college career to pursue in college can easily achieve baccalaureate programs without taking up remedial or developmental classes. College and career preparedness is complex it is not a decision where one could decide on a day or by a whim. The education system of the Philippines offers the opportunity to students to pursue the career of choosing with this system students could pursue their desired careers as long as they have the financial capability to do so.

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However, this flexibility and autonomy offered by this system has its drawbacks. Students must undergo series of complex decision making which is before they get to the correct path. In some cases, some students fail to finish high school and many students graduate but are unprepared for college. Tests are often used to measure if a student is ready for college which is usually focused on the core academic skills in mathematics, proficiency in English and sometimes in Science as a basis. However not all students excel in those particular fields especially in the field of mathematics and scoring low or failing them would greatly affect the measurement of the level of preparedness Perception towards a specific degree course will also affect the decision of an individual to continue the program he/she had chosen. Perception is the act of perceiving an event, place and people in some cases it is the process of becoming aware of things present around.

People will try to understand things and develop their own knowledge and understanding towards it as people experience new things their understanding towards things would also increase. In the point that their knowledge would be sufficient enough they would be able to share their insights to others. The perspective of each individual changes as they grow in age, achieve higher education and influences from their travels. It implies that perspective and decisions could be changed, it is not permanent because as people gather experience their understanding on things would also grow thus influencing their perspective and decisions on things and with those changes decisions that was made without thorough considerations and were only made from a whim could easily be changed.

People’s experience varies from how they perceive things. Each individual has their own viewpoints of certain things in life. These viewpoints will affect their opinions especially in making important decisions especially career decisions which would determine their future. According to the Process Project (2004) people perceive engineering as a highly analytical course which causes the students to expect something entirely different from the course they have chosen. The fact those students who view engineering as an analytical course will not risk applying in this course. Additionally students choose their careers based from their own perspective if they are capable and fit for this course.

03 December 2019

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