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The Results Of Having Black Bodies In Amtrica By Ta-Nehisi Coates & Frederick Douglass

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In our world there has been cruel and demeaning actions made by people who have no heart and no purpose in life. Young men are at the core of American violence. Their conduct is most risky in their teenage years and twenties. They are in the years that they are most likely to execute, revolt, vandalize, and drink alcohol or different medications. Race and ethnicity have a lack of balance that are a potential threat in American culture. People say all lives matter bubt does it really? We still have the unfinished business like the death of Trayvon Martin and how the system just let the killer go free. People make disgusting choices for the betterment of themselves. “In the narrative of frederick douglass” and “between the world and me” it was a constant cycle of brutality. Douglass and Coates used violence as a connection to explain how people were treated.

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Ta-Nehisi Coates shows the results of having a black body in America. Black bodies are under constant surveillance and threat. Coates has a encounters with the mistreatment and hostility appeared towards black people, and especially when these ideas are connected to how he talks about his son. There has been many people who suffered from police brutality and they fear the police because of senseless shootings. The police are given a duty and that is to serve and protect and if they abuse their power who will the citizens of america turn to. The crime rates will slowly go up and people do not want speak up because they are afraid. Coates talks about how when an innocent african american dies its not on the officer alone but it is more of the social environment of the nation.

Frederick Douglass explains that the slaves were also mistreated. They did not have any record of their age. Douglass also talks about the conditions of being a slave. They had no beds to sleep on and they received a month worth of food. The clothing that they had was horrible some children were almost naked for long periods of time. He also explained that the masters wanted the slaves to have no education because they are supposed to do as they are told. In order for slaves to have some type of opportunity they would have to gain knowledge and education to pursue freedom. Slave masters wanted control and money. Slavery was used as a way for people to make money in the south. Just like in our society today America makes money off of prisons. There is a lot of black people that are falsely accused of crimes and are thrown in prison just for others to gain profit.

Ta-Nehisi made a point where he talks about how it is hard to do certain things because of the color of your skin. He demonstrates how prejudice works through the control, manipulation, and abuse of black bodies and how weak they were because they are black inside a racist society. Coates follows this fragility back to how black bodies were compared to as an object and was forced to serve their masters which made them have some sort of financial value. Douglass mentions that slavery was a natural state of being. They believed that blacks were unable to take an interest in common society and therefore keep them working for the whites. Slaves have had no voice and they are just used as profit.

18 March 2020

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