The Review Of Film Inside Out 

In the film Inside Out, we see how a young girl named Riley moves from Minnesota to California and due to the dramatic change she experienced a very emotional rollercoaster. Many of the things that Riley went through can be justified by psychological aspects. After learning about topics like emotion, motivation, stress and coping, connections between the film and the topic are visible.

Throughout the film there was multiple aspects of psychology shown. One of the examples was emotion and stress. Riley was very upset when she moved so the way she dealt with it was through sadness and anger. When she found out she was moving she was sad and because of this she didn’t do very well at her hockey tryouts so she became angry. Not only did her mood change because of the stress she was under but she experienced sublimation, why can be a coping strategy for what she was feeling. She was channels her anger during the tryout game and although she did not do very well she was able to release all the anger is was feeling through a socially acceptable activity.

During the film it was noticeable that facial feedback theory was represented. Facial feedback theory is when our own facial expressions are capable of influencing our emotions. This was seen when it was Riley’s first day of school, although she was nervous she decided to walk in the classroom with a smile on her face. Her initial emotion was nervousness but as soon as her facial expression showed a happier emotion she ended up feeling happier and more confident.

Another important theme seen in the film is memory. In the film we see that the 5 main emotions maintain Riley’s memories through orbs of light. This can be compared to encoding because encoding is the input of information into memory systems. In the film after a new memory has been made an orb of light is produced. In one of the scenes we see how Riley uses her hippocampus in order to tell her favorite memory from Minnesota. The hippocampus is a neutral center helps process memories and stores them for later use. At one point in the film we saw how Riley’s emotionally charged memories we automatically converted into yellow orbs of light, this is an example of flashbulb memory.

In conclusion, the film Inside Out has many examples that connect to more advanced psychological concepts 

29 April 2022
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