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The Review Of The Movie The Martian

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I am not a movie critic, however, one does not need to be a critic to see why The Martian by Ridley Scott starring Matt Damon should have won Best Picture for the 2015 awards. As The Martian was originally a book, not all details were maintained, but despite that, it was still a splendid film. Everything from the script to acting to the scientific accuracy were the making for a Best Picture award winning film.

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The film greatly benefits from a solid script by Drew Goddard. The script is focused, tight, and witty. Adapted from the novel, The Martian, by Andy Weir, it proves Goddard’s work that the film is loved by those who were already fans of the novel and first time watchers. Because of this, Goddard rightly received a nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay. This is one way that the film hit the hammer right on the head to make a fantastic movie.

Among more intense performances, it is easy to lose sight of how good Matt Damon is in The Martian. Given the setting of the story, a lot of acting rests on him as he is stranded alone on Mars. Damon plays Mark Watney as a funny, slightly eccentric and relatable hero who the audience can’t help but root for. Nailing every aspect of his character is hard for almost any actor do do without coming across as boring or annoying, but Damon passes with flying colors, and he becomes a memorable protagonist.

I, like many others, have in interest in science, I find it fascinating, but in reality, I know very little about most parts of science. I enjoy the sci-fi that tends to ignore scientific half that are basically science fantasy. That does not mean I can’t appreciate the flip side, especially when it’s done with such love and care as in The Martian. The scientific accuracy of the film is almost spot on, impressing astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson NASA. It’s refreshing to see a film care about those details and work to make them right, something that comes across even to the non-scientists in the audience. That means that while watching the movie with my mother, she does not have to keep leaning over and asking if that can really happen. It’s still a sci-fi film, meaning that not everything is accurate, but as Tyson said, the film earned that right once it had laid the foundations based on actual research. 

10 Jun 2021

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