The Review On Book About Cuban Missile Crisis

Author Chrisp Peter wrote the book Cuban MIssile Crisis This book explains the cuban missile crisis and it explains one of the most important days in history. The cuban missile crisis spaned to 12 days. October of 1962 from Oct 16 too the 28th could be known as the momentous period in all of human history. The 2 global superpowers were at the brink of total nuclear WAR. Each country had the capacity to destroy each other and the whole world. The two countries quarrel overed Cuba, Cuba at the time was an ally of the soviet union cuba lies 90 miles from the southern coast of florida by miami. The US flew spy planes above the island which showed that the soviets were building nuclear missile sites on the island of cuba which could mean they could be planning an attack.

Once the soviets were done building the sites on the island the missiles there would have the range to destroy every major and important city of the mainland USA but they could not reach Seattle they could not stop it. The US president at the time JFK John F. Kennedy was determined to get those missiles out of cuba. If he had to risk a war between the two superpowers again then that's what he had to do to get the missiles out of cuba. He ordered a naval blockade against Cuba to stop soviet freighters from coming into cuba. Over time over a hundred ships, nearly a thousand US aircraft and more then 100,000 US troops were getting and staging for yet another conflict. But the Soviets had an army of 42,000 men and possibly more coming in and they were much stronger and far larger than the president thought they were.

At the height of the cuban missile crisis the US forces were on alert at a “defense condition 2” that was the highest state of combat readiness shot of an actual war. All of the nuclear units were ordered to load their weapons and be on sand by and be ready to fire. The long range B-52 bombers were loaded with nuclear bombs and were yet again ready to take flight. The US sent US nuclear SUBs into soviet waters each of them carried nuclear missiles with more destructive power then all of the bombs that were dropped in WWll. The president, president Kennedy was always within a 90 second reach of the black briefcase that was nicknamed the “football” this was the briefcase that held the nuclear launch codes he could use these codes and unleash war and total utter destruction while being in a underground bunker officers of the strategic air command waited his order too launch.

What i like about this book is that it's really just teaching and diving more into one of the most fearful times in history. This was probably and most likely one of the events that brought us closer too nuclear then recent events. I like that this book is like I said diving more into the history behind one of the most memorable days of the cold war. With these days almost total h*ll broke out in the world and i will dive more into that later on in this review.

Just as great as the chance of the 2 leaders on the biggest superpowers in the world at the time might intentionally start a war was the possibility the war would erupt through miscalculation error. On the 27th of Oct a United States plane flew off course into the soviets airspace giving the impression that a war had begun. On that same day in Cuba (which is when everything gets real) a sovite union general has decided on his own initiative to shoot down a United States plane. The cuban missile crisis was one too many confrontations dury the cold war, it was a long and often dangerous rivalry between the two global superpowers. This whole “war” lasted around 40-45 years and it had its times where it almost ended the world.

The start of this book started off by explaining the brink of the cuban missile crisis and the month it happened and the year that it started. It then said that it was one of the “most momentous periods in the history of humankind” . It then started to state that Cuba was an ally to the soviet union and how things were getting built and how they explained it in the book it looked like they were getting ready for an mainland invasion on the USA. I do think this book explained everything very well and it explained the cuban missile crisis very well. It even explained some cold war events I didn't know about.

The book was really cool and I recommend it if you wanna learn more about probably the most important time in history then i recommend this book. There was a submarine off the coast of Cuba; it was a soviet submarine. On October 27 1962 there was a soviet named Vasili Alexandrovich Arkhipov the US forces started dropping non lethal depth charges . There was a 2nd in commanding officer on board the submarine named flotilla but Arkhipov refused to authorize the commanding officer to fire nuclear torpedoes at the US navy forces, a decision requiring the agreement of all three senior officers aboard.

The cuban missile impacted many lives; it was mostly fear instead of actually hurting them. Most of the people that were scared during this moment in history were mostly the american people the reason is because they didn't wanna get nuked and they didn't want to die. The Cubans were scared as well, not just the Americans; they were scared of a mainland invasion in Cuba by the USA. What ended up happening was this, the leader of the soviet union (russia) ordered kennedy to remove his nukes from turkey and the leader of the soviet union will remove there's cuba.

In conclusion, it was an amazing book. It taught me alot i didn't know about the cuban missile crisis and it told me some other things about the cold war i didnt know. I do recommend this book to read if u know little or know nothing about the cuban missile crisis it will teach u about it. Learning about this crisis is too me important because if one person lost the temper or if one thing messed up or one hing bad was said we probably wouldn't be here right now. But this was an amazing book and an amazing topic to type up as i didn't like reading but it did teach me some things.

07 July 2022
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