The Role Of Anne Bradstreet’s And Walt Whitman’s Poetry In History

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During American history, it is important to say that there were different poets with different working styles. Obviously, from my reading, Walt Whitman and Anne Bradstreet are two of the most influential people in American history. Predominantly, two poets have their own extraordinary ability in poetry belonging to plenty of poems and focusing on a wide range of themes. In this essay, I would like to discuss their works and the reason why their poems speak to me strongly.

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Firstly, Walt Whitman is arguably the most significant poet in American literature and he also regarded perhaps as a national poet in America. Meanwhile, In my opinion, Walt Whitman seems easy-going and carefree, both in his life and his poems. Likewise, he represents his greatness and uniqueness in his poems. Actually, he wrote various poems and used diverse style, also each poem can effect to readers strongly. From my perspective, Whitman’s poems have deep meanings and captivate readers, especially “A Noiseless Patient Spider”, ”Song of Myself” and ”Leaves of Grass”.

When I started to read his poems, I felt that his poems are impressing and encouraging me a lot, for instance, “Song of Myself “ is a highly representative poem from “Leaves of Grass” and it is probably the most central work in his poetry. It is interesting to note that Song of Myself is divided into 52 different sections and each of them has a very different theme and different subject matter, section 1 Whitman’s Song of Myself is a very remarkable poet and theme of the poem is that the human spirit capable of anything and everything. Although Section 1 is about Whitman and about America, it means he speaks directly to the self and group nations. In Part 3 Section1, in my estimation Whitman claims that everything comes from soil and his parents and his grandparents were born the same, it means that we are all born here in America and also our language and blood the same.

My tongue, every atom of my blood, form’d from this soil, this air,

Born here of parents born here from parents the same, and their parents the same,

Secondly, Anne Bradstreet was the first English speaking poet in America. It is indisputable fact that, she was a precisely great poet and she wrote dissimilar poems such as The Author to Her Book, The Flesh and The Spirit and Verses upon the Burning of our House. It is significant that all her poems were influenced by Bible and spiritual beliefs. In my belief that her poems can easily attract the readers and encourage to read again and again. For instance, The Flesh and The Spirit is a very popular poem and this poem is about the conversation between” two sisters”. Moreover, The Flesh believes physically reality and she is obsessed with materialistic things. However, The Spirit finds her true satisfaction in God and she argues that spiritual reality is the only true reality. It seems to me The Flash argues that we should believe only things we can see in the world. Although, we should not believe in God since he is invisible and if we can not see him, we are not able to prove he is real.

Behold enough of precious store.

Earth hath more silver, pearls, and gold

Than eyes can see or hands can hold.

Affects thou pleasure? Take thy fill.

Earth hath enough of what you will.

On the other hand, The Spirit trusts this world will pass away, but God’s world heaven will be eternal and she always puts her thoughts a higher sphere. Thou by old Adam wast begot, But my arise is from above, Whence my dear father I do love.


I choose Walt Whitman and Anne Bradstreet because I think that both poets are the most prominent form writer and also they have their own writing style and different thoughts. Furthermore, Walt Whitman was able to show what democracy is and he explains people can achieve everything such as freedom and good lifestyle through his poems. I think Anne Bradstreet is believing religions very strongly and she thinks everything has a hope. I am very enthusiastic about reading her poems because like Anne Bradstreet I believe in God at all times and every situation. It is my position that her poems clarify each person should continue to pray to God for good and bad things.

15 July 2020

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