The Role Of Settings In Fever 1793 By Laurie Anderson

How can a tiny mosquito be so powerful to kill one-fourth of Philadelphia’s population? In Fever 1793 by Laurie Hale’s Anderson, this historical fiction novel shows how mosquitoes spread Yellow Fever around Philadelphia. Through the settings, Mattie goes from a childish teen to a mature teen. Mattie was affected by the Coffeehouse, Bush Hill, and when she found Nell.

The Coffeehouse is the first setting that affected Mattie. For example, Mattie didn’t want to get out of bed or do her chores in the beginning of the novel. This shows how Mattie was a childish girl in the beginning of the story. This is important because Mattie didn’t want to do any of her chores and didn’t want to listen to her mom until the fever hit. Another example of the way the setting is after the fever hit, Mattie was taking care of Nell and helping Eliza with the Coffeehouse. This statement shows how Mattie is mature because she is helping out in the Coffeehouse. This quote also shows how Mattie now helps out and doesn’t refuse to do them. To conclude, the Coffeehouse is one of the most important settings that affects Mattie in the story.

Bush Hill is the second setting that affects Mattie. For example, when Mattie woke up in the hospital, she wanted to get out of it for Grandfather. This shows how Mattie wanted to help her grandfather during the fever. This also shows how Mattie becomes more mature during the fever. Another example is when Mattie gets better, she doesn’t want to leave Grandfather and to help him. This shows how Mattie won’t leave for the orphan house and stay with Grandfather. This also shows how Mattie is becoming mature and taking responsibility to help Grandfather. To conclude, Bush Hill is another setting that affected Mattie.

When Mattie found smell is the final way Mattie was affected. For example, Mattie found Nell and took her in to help her survive the fever. This shows how Mattie took in Nell during the sickness to save her. This also shows how Mattie is more mature than before the sickness because she is helping a baby live. Another example is when the sickness ends, and they kept Nell. This shows how Mattie kept Nell and helped her survive through the sickness. This statement also states how Mattie grew mature enough to help a little kid survive the fever. To conclude, finding Nell affected Mattie greatly.

In conclusion, the Coffeehouse, Bush Hill, and finding Nell all affected Mattie. Mattie was shaped from a childish teenager to a mature teenager in Fever 1793, a historical fiction novel by Laurie Halse Anderson. In Fever 1793, each setting affected Mattie because they each showed her upbringing from being childish to mature in the course of a few months. In the beginning of the story, Mattie was a lazy, childish teen who later started becoming responsible and mature by the end of the story. 

16 December 2021
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