The Role of Type in Typography

The whole semester that we’ve been study typography I learn a lot of new things. We start from the base and develop our knowledges thought the most important bullets in this huge science. I realise how important is to know more about the typefaces, history and tulles not only for the design, but also for our life. Advertises, magazines, warnings, information boards, labels and branding everything is around us everyday. The existing of so many typeface was necessary because every different type has different use and purpose. Typography is the key for non directly (finically) communication. The way of using it talk itself what kind of massage we want to deliver. During this module we learn about web and print design, history of the time different terminology and how to use in correct way the typeface. We learn how to develop nice layout, leaving white space and create a hierarchy in our design. Every small detail is important and the font is take a huge part of the design. It’s like the roots of our work. On first look seems to be easy but I find out using of correct typeface for big challenge for me. 

Before I start with my tasks I did research and the most I learn become more easy to create a nice design. For my classic font I chose Gill Sans the creation of my poster take me many trials, but most hard was to make my spreads for my display typeface, because the style was heavy by itself and not easy to use. I include it only in the title to add some accent, but for body text it’s impossible to be used. Lust scrip is good for advertised and quotes. My web font is Noto Sans and I enjoy to use it, because include almost 90 styles and is good for print and web design.  The feedback that I receive from my colleagues  was helpful to check my work and correct it. We all saw that typography is not easy to use, but can  be proven by learning more about rules any practise. Looking other designers works was one of the best things, because seeing those ex examples we learn and even try to think critical, what is work and what can be proved. I enjoy to create advertise designs, because the Magazin design was harder for me and I find out that using of more than three typeface its not correct at all. The colours are also important, I saw that I use often bright colours, which can be dangerous for the final work. I read one interesting book for typography and this helps me to understand more about types in use, here I will ad small information of what I learn.

The importance of typography lay on the needs of our ideas which need to be written and transfers it into a visual form. The exhausting of so many typeface is because we have to deliver in purpose way our design gives to our ideas in readable and understanding vision. Many typeface are used for eye chat Hong effect and grabbing dramatically the attention of the readers. Typography have to evolve existing typeface and follow the needs  of design.  The type family’s contain different styles and characters applying to the bad music Roman typeface.  Every family is create for specific function.  The small caps are re- cured and been used to highlight body text. The lowercase latter was founded by Alcuin in 8th century, adding the first capital letter in the beginning of the sentence. 

Typecast classification variate from  four basic categories- gothic, script, Roman and block.  Old style with a slanted serif become in 16th century and has low contrast between strokes and thickness. The transpiration has medium contrast. The modern typeface show up in the end of 18th century whit typical high contrast in thick and thin strokes. Bodoni had heavy strikes and look more elegant than Slab serif or known like Egyptian typeface, which is with larger square serif. Gothic known like sans serif has clean letter form and is good for body text easily seen and readable. Humanistic and geometric typefaces are similar in them round shapes and small difference in the thickness. Script was based on the handwriting and hard to read in large text. Same as script is the graphic typeface, which is unsuitable for body text with specific purposes. The good combination of typefaces and understanding of the specific use and control, gives us to develop and express our ideas. 

Adding the hierarchy in design become from the need of organisation in text to produce visual harmony. Leading deal with the space between the lines of text block producing balanced and readable paragraph. Tracking and kerning control the spade between letters and characters using to highlight and readability for text. The materials in printing can variate from ink quality to paper absorb, glossary and colour. Most important is the paper to be recycled but the need on the market are ambitions and most producers care about spellings than the ecology. Most important for success design is the consider typeface, the  to set up, size, letter space and legibility. 

Typography it’s not only about type it’s about the reading experience. That’s why we have to look deeply in the history of typeface and settings. Better knowledges and practise guaranty better success in design industry. 

07 July 2022
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