The Second Amendment And Peaceable Texans For Firearms Rights

The interest group that is called, ‘Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights’. This interest group is mainly about the pro-gun policy. They are in favor of the second amendment, ‘Right to Bear Arms’. They also talk about how schools are being affected because of this amendment, and that is totally wrong. I found this group interesting, because, throughout the time, we have been seeing how the world has been affected, because of the guns. They explain how gun-control is not needed, there has been shooting in school, robberies, felonies and etc., and because of all that we should have the right to bear arms to defend ourselves.

The Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights, this group took place at the Capitol, on the President’s Day in 1994. They describe themselves as a community which is tired of the gun-haters, and that want to take place to defend their second amendment, no matter what, because is a right that the Founding Fathers gave to them, and it has to be respected. Also see guns as a way to defend not only themselves, but also the people at their surroundings. Peaceable Texans also have some bills and laws, which fully defend their points and position. At the same time is a partisan group and are lobbyists whom decide to support Republicans in order to get their support, and approval. All this have make this group, a successfully interest group that since that day in 1994 have had remained to defend their rights, and have the approval of not only the Republican Party, but also from the communities in the Capitol, and at more parts of the state of Texas.

“Peaceable Texans for Firearms Right” is a group of gun-owners, which was created until February 1, 1994. The interest group is concern about the power that ‘Gun-hate” groups have at this time in social media. This awake all gun-owners around Texas, to defend their Second Amendment, “The Right To Bear Arms”, the interest group believe in the amendment, and that it means what it says, no nothing else; for them arms were created to protect our families, homes and communities, and no more. They also now about a list of bills that have been passed by The Congress, by that having a list of Gun-hater’s wishes, which includes to erase the second amendment, prohibitions, taxes, and fees. These interest groups will never ceased fighting for their second amendment right, as gun-haters will never ceased to erase it.

On February 1, 1994, Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights. Attend to the Capitol on President's Day in order to defend their Second Amendment Right, since that day they have not stopped the fight against the Gun-Haters. They do not have a founder specific, as it is a group of the entire community in favor of 'The Right to Bear Arms', and not a specific number of members. To simply be part of the group, the only requirement is to attend their meetings on the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m., at the Austin History Center in Downtown Austin.

Peaceable Texans defined themselves as a lobbyist interest group, looking and supporting candidates to represent their idea of defending their rights, and to abolish some prohibitions. The interest group is partisan, because in the year of the 1998, Peaceable Texans help and recognize some Republicans, because they are pro-gun, adding them to their page some of them are: “Pete Session, Joe Barton, and Greg Mullanax”. These candidates have expressed during sessions their approach towards the guns; most of them helped the interest group by voting against bills. As an example, “Joe Barton vote against the bill to ban semi-automatic weapons”. Their best supporter at that time was Pete Sessions, whom always declare was a fighter for gun rights, and he also took part in the rally that Peaceable Texans organized in 1994 at the capitol, he went to speak and support the interest group. This has had created a great impact on the interest group by having more support and members.

The interest groups do not oppose so many points, rather than those that the group of gun haters have, which are: 'Being against the Second Amendment, saying that weapons can only be used for sport and only for sport, and the addition of more taxes, because of wanting a gun-control '. The last point will never be passed by the law, because Texas manages a regressive system of taxation. The most powerful point that affects them is the propaganda of gun-control, as the incidents of school shooting that had had increasing in the last years. To all these points they support one of them, which is the “School Shooting Problems”, Peaceable Texans gave a press message after the Columbine Massacre; they abject that the situation is tragic, and would like to help, but that they will remain defending their right. On the other hand, gun-haters appointed them, and their beliefs as “useless’ and wanted to have more gun-control laws. Even though Texas is a “Pro-Gun” state, the gun-haters have been insisting to be heard, but Peaceable Texans have been more successfully. Peaceable Texans is just trying to defend their position and their Second Amendment, the rallies that they have done aren’t to attack gun-haters or their issues against guns, they are only to defend their beliefs, and to prove the gun-haters are actually that one interest group that don’t respect the constitution, created by the Founding Fathers.

The Peaceable Texans have taken place not only on the streets, and rallies, but also have some relevancy on the Texas Legislature. In the 75th Legislature; three bills were passed, all of them, “Pro-Gun”. Two of those bills were by Republicans the party that Peaceable Texans had helped in the past, and one by Democrats. These bills created laws strengthening the Second Amendment, and supporting the points of view that the advocacy group advocates; making them even more relevant in Texas. The bills that were passed are: HB 311 by Allen Place (D). – This bill makes traveling; hunting, and sports with guns, and “Exception” to the prohibition to unlawful carry of guns. HB 2855 by Suzanna Hupp (R). – This bill lower the age of Handgun License to 18, and to now be permitted to carry a gun in college campuses. And the third and final bill is, SB 62 by Jerry Patterson (R). – This bill was approved in order to treat juveniles who committed a felony, or any kind of crime with a gun on their possession will be treated as an adult. This bill can be a consequence of the school shootings by teenagers that became controversial at that time.

The interest group only remains in Texas, leaving out other states, not forming part of any alliance, or having any pact with any other interest group. They only look for people from Texas to support them and more preferably people who can attend their meetings at the capitol. Their strategies to influence people to join their group are to try to explain to the people the situation; that their rights aren’t being respected, and that is a right that is truly needed for the protection of themselves at home, their children at school and for everybody to be safe. The strategy that they use is ‘Pathos’, because they want them to join their interest group by creating an atmosphere of emotions, and insecurity in the people, that since that day and on, those persons can support the Second Amendments , and the points of Peaceable Texans, and are completely aware that there are another interest groups that want to violated their rights no matter what, to only achieve their personal interest, without taking into account that they are also disrespecting the constitution

As a conclusion, Peaceable Texans for Firearms Rights only want the constitution and their rights to not be violated by the personal interest of other groups. The points of the Peaceable Texans are no more than, protect and respect the second amendment, to have a safe community, and to show the people that the real threat is not having guns to defend them in a chaotic situation. They show us how fragile, and exposed is the society by not having guns, and that guns were not only created by sport; robberies, crimes, felonies, all of those are not fault of the creation of the second amendment, those are fault of a uneducated, and uncivilized society that surround us and for that, and more reasons we should carry guns, as our second amendment declares. The interest group by being partisan has the personal valuation of the Republican Party, as three bills that defend their mission.

Therefore they count with the approval of most communities in Texas; even though, the interest group doesn’t have a perfect propaganda or social media, except for their web page online, is a group that had left their roots on Texans and that are not only them, but their mission fully known. The Peaceable Texans will never stop fighting for their mission, and will never let state of Texas to have “Gun-Control”. Peaceable Texans will always defend our Second Amendment, and our rights. While there are “Gun-Haters” remaining that will never ceased, there would be Peaceable Texans also to never stop fighting for our Second Amendment, and to see that our rights are not violated, and fully respected.


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14 May 2021
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