The Short Life Description Of SAMO

A man by the name of “SAMO” would become one of the greatest artist to ever live known for his rough approach to art with street graffiti and being one of the orignals from the Neo-Expressionism movement he would go through peeks and valleys in his shorty lived life. 

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Jean-Michel Basquiat. Born in Brooklyn, New York, on December 22, 1960, into a diverse family. Basquiat’s mother and father were Puerto Rican and Haitian-American, and in line with an article from the , they said that this range contributed to Basquiat’s inspiration. Another inspiration turned into his mother, being the only who inspired him as a baby to continually pursue his artistic facet as he turned into being self-taught in his early years. As a young kid he was struck by a car, Basquiat underwent surgery for the removal of his spleen, a happening that led to his reading of the illustrious medical and creative writing of Gray’s Anatomy written in 1858.

 He was drawn back by the linear personages along with the bio mechanical images. The theme of the paper I came up with was the struggle in the beauty because of what Basquiat went through in his personal life along within his paintings. When he was young when his parents got separated and he would move from New York to Pureto Rico back and forth for years until his friends mom took him in and went to school in new York. His mother was unfit to take care of him and his siblings due to hear mental illness. At the age of 17 he would drop out of high school. 1976, he began doing graffiti work on trains and buildings with this partner in crime, Al Diaz. throughout this incidence, they used the name, SAMO, which means “Same old S***.” diaz and Basquiat began to make “Highly meaning and sometimes consisted of short, humorous poems”. 

The collaboration failed to last long, thus Basquiat went around spraying SoHo neighborhoods claiming “SAMO is Dead.” It wasn’t long at the moment Basquiat was banished from his home. Homeless and sleeping on park benches, Basquiat supported himself by panhandling, dealing drugs, and peddling hand-painted postcards and T-shirts. Once he got on his feet he opened six solo shows in cities worldwide and became the youngest artist ever to be included in Documenta, the international contemporary art extravaganza held every five years in Kassel, Germany. Also during this time he started using drugs heavily and ultimately became addicted to cocaine and heroin meeting his fate after struggling with the usage. In the struggle in the beauty as a quoted earlier his paintings reflected that. One of his artworks named “untilted” Basquiat’s 1983 acrylic/oil painting ‘Untitled (History of the Black People)’, in keeping with Andrea Frohne, ‘reclaims Egyptians as Africans and subverts the concept of historic Egypt as the cradle of Western Civilization’ . At the center of the painting, he depicts an Egyptian boat being guided down the Nile by means of Osiris. On the right panel of the painting seem the words “Esclave, Slave, Esclave”. 

Two letters of the word ‘Nile’ are crossed out and Frohne indicates that ‘The letters which can be wiped out and scribbled over possibly replicate the acts of historians who have with no trouble forgotten that Egyptians were black and blacks were enslaved’ On the left panel of the painting, Basquiat has illustrated two Nubian fashion masks.

07 July 2022

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