The Short Story James Hurst's ¨The Scarlet Ibis¨

The short story ¨The Scarlet Ibis¨ by James Hurst the story is about this little boy named Doodle. And he was born with problems like he couldn't walking and his brother helps him over time to learn. I will be analyzing the foreshadowing and setting in this story. Some examples for foreshadowing is when the bird and Doodle die like how the bird is like how Doodle is going to die and more ways that I will be explaining. They also talk about how they would always go to Old Woman Swamp and I'm going to explain how.

The short story ¨The Scarlet Ibis¨ it really talks about the settings so I will be analyzing the setting and in this story, I think it is really important. Doodle and his brother would always go to this place called Old Woman Swamp .¨ We were down in Old Woman Swamp and it was spring and the sick-sweet smell of bay flowers hung everywhere like a mournful song¨. Doodle's brother would go there and help him try to walk and I feel like this is an important thing in the story and another place was then Doodle died by the lake because his brother didn't save him and left him to die. His brother went back to get him and it was too late.

Also, I will be analyzing foreshadowing in this story like how when the bird died it was like saying how that Doodle was going to die like the bird died in the tree alone and so did Doodle by the lake he died by himself when his brother left him. But then a while later he came back after to get Doodle but then his brother realized that Doodle died. Also when it said ¨ the last graveyard flowers were blooming, and their smell drifted through our house.” The passage was foreshadowing Doodle's death. Another example is when he was standing over the coffin that his dad built for him.

The short story ¨The Scarlet Ibis¨ is mostly about the foreshadowing and the setting for the foreshadowing is where the bird dies and it was a symbol for when Doodle dies and many more examples. Also, the setting was about when the first place Doodle learned to walk was at the swamp because that was an important spot for Doodle and his brother. And that's what I analyzed in this story.

07 July 2022
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