The Shortcomings Of Playing Video Games

Fight or shooting are not good things but when it is the matter of self defence, then it becomes a duty to fight against the enemy. Here we needs to have the skills of warrior. We needs a strong active mind along with strong body, and needs a good decision power. Maybe it is sounding odd to you to talk of me about fight and skills here on the topic of an action video game because an action video game helps us to develop our skills and to know about many tacts of encountering to the some extent. Oterwise the real training to be a perfect fighter has its own importance. I want to talk to you about such an action and adventurous video game, which have some powerful elements in it. That is call of duty ops 4. There have been introduced many new tasks and missions in this game. This part of call odlf duty ops 4 has more action and adventure than it's previous parts and also have new characters, which will be helpful to take to the high level of the game players.

Call Of Duty Ops 4

The game is full of Expert shooters, Fighters, the powerful characters carrying weapons, and the characters encountering with the dangerous enemies, suitable for the x box one, play station 4 and microsoft wondows. Call of duty is adding a battle royale mod which is named with blackout. This mod covers all previous ten titles and it's charaacters and all weapons. A game player feels like a man and powerful one while playing this game. One can learn how to fight for self defence Beside of these plus points there are also some negtive aspects of this game too which are from always and will be there with the action games always, tha you should not be careless about them. Lets see the pros and cons to play call of duty ops 4. There is no doubt that playing action games makes active our brain but there are many other things too with which we can get this benefit. If the matter is only about entertainment then you can chose them as a recreation, otherwise the side effcts of these action games are more than the benefits. Experts are trying to aware to people about dangers of video games regarding the training of cbildren. The real matter is that the traders have started to create the copies of the video games, for that reason they have become very cheap and children can easily use them.

As the doctors have said that cartoon light presentations in video games cause infection of chickens in children. The doctors have also reported that playing video games too much can be cause to the Parkinson's disease in children. The doctors have also warned that due to the acceleration of the game in children, children get bone and muscle discomfort. A part form that the ambuguity finger got extremely damaged due to constant using of the keyboard. The Playing video games affects the eyes due to acceleration. computer screen keeps leaving the magnetic waves for that reason eyes get red and dry. It is imperative that we play our role in dealing with these challenges and problems to protect our children from the adverse effects of these things so that our future can be safeguard. well the world is full of resourcess for our reacteation. Some of these are very useful and entertaining too but along with it we see a resource of such few things which are very attractive but not has the real beauty like any entertainment. with which we get more energetic and feel ourself more fresh healthy.

The computer or mobile video games are one of these resources, so why we do not set a smart strategy for our life in which we do not lose any precious thing of us while entertain us. We have to not pay the price of our health and peace just foe make us happy and excited for a while. Yes the fascination of these things is very mesmerizing but what about your fitness which makea you prepare to achieve your goalsd then you are become an inspiration for the world, but all this is possible with a good helath, so aentertain yourself wisely.

15 Jun 2020
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