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The Significance Of Faith In Human Life

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Evil has molded the beautiful world into its own gloomy and confused image. The only way to overcome this horrendous darkness that engulfs one’s world completely is “Faith”. The transition of the eras has resulted in the transformation of how people deal with the darkest issues that haunts their minds. From the periods where spiritual practices and ritual traditions were the solutions, to now a time where science and technology and its’ awe-awakening realities has become a way of dealing with evil. This new approach can be linked to the frustration and depression in the present era we face. The scientific-leaps can only go so far and carry out the beneficial and material needs of humans but spiritual needs remain unfulfilled.

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Faith in human life acts as an invisible hand that holds one tightly when they feel devastated and find themselves standing on the peak of disaster. It has paramount importance in every aspect of our lives, starting from our childhood to adulthood. The hope of being successful, to struggling and believing in personal abilities, faith and destiny are forces that push a person to move on to explore the new vistas with various shades of life.

History is filled with many examples of famous people who failed many times during the phase of struggle to achieve their goals but their unbreakable faith in God, personal abilities and destiny lead them to the luminous destination where they started shining. Bill Gates, one of the world’s richest people dropped out of school before launching what we know today as Microsoft. It was his values derived from religion and the faith that allowed him to overcome his darkest hours. He had dealt with many failures and he could have relied on science and technology when there weren’t any answers but instead he chose faith as one of the guiding factors to his success.

There is no doubt that faith serves as a glistening light in one’s life, the same as in my life when I was fighting to break the stereotypical mindset of the people around me to make them realize that there is an invisible hand which guides one of life’s principles. I was always criticized for being skinny and was singled out for being the smallest one out of the group everywhere I went. In high school I was labeled anorexic, skinny, stick, pencil, and many more. I would spend days beating up on my image and would wear layers of clothing to try and fit under a different criteria other than anorexic which I was not. People just assumed I was because of my size. I fell under depression and would try to eat more than my stomach can handle. There were nights where I barely slept and I would close my eyes and silently ask God “why can’t people accept me for how I look?” I started to believe people’s words “Your going to disappear, you look ugly”. With time and many years of torture I said enough! After a long struggle and having faith I realized that it has a strong power that compels. In summary, faith is the hidden giant in my world with a profound influence to make me move forward when all other options are non existent.

31 October 2020

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