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The Similarity Between The Events In Avatar And In The Modern World

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How can people not be able to breath but there still be a fire? In the movie Avatar people are shown wearing face mask giving them oxygen, but later there is fire booming everywhere. The atmosphere there is made of a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, 18% carbon dioxide, 5. 5% xenon, methane and hydrogen sulfide. Pandora is also about 20% denser than earth’s atmosphere, this is due to the presence of xenon. Xenon is a heavy, colorless, odorless and generally unreactive noble gas. People can’t breathe on Pandora because of the concentration of carbon dioxide, making it extremely poisonous. Another poisonous factor is the concentration of hydrogen sulfide, it can cause immediate collapse and loss of breathing just after one breath.

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The Na’vi cherish their land and live alongside all the creatures and plant life, while as humans have depleted earth’s life and resources rendering it unliveable. Both planets have rivers, plains, and bodies of water, but Pandora also has floating mountains and contains unobtanium underground. The plant vegetation on Pandora is more sea like and can range in size from tiny to humongous, their plants also glow once night comes. This glow can remind you of algae in deep seas that’s bioluminescent. The Na’vi creatures also have 6 limbs but the Na’vi themselves only have 4 like humans. The biggest difference between humans and the Na’vi is that the Na’vi actually appreciate their land and life, for example; they say a pray after killing something, while humans aren’t so thankful for things, for example; when we kill we do it to provide for ourselves and don’t appreciate or say thanks to the animal.

The Na’vi seem to be in a very primitive stage. They were hunters and gatherers as they made their own bow and arrows to hunt and kill. They were also still sleeping in hammocks in a tree but didn’t have any kind of technology, and didn’t wear traditional clothing. The Na’vi were slowly turning into stage 2 as they were domesticating “horses” and banshees. They were not over using their land and resources as they didn’t know the possibilities that could come, the Na’vi also cherished their land to greatly to show it any kind of disrespect. This community’s stage is very similar to how humans developed, they also were once hunters and gatherers before they got to where they are now.

All throughout history developed and advanced cultures always clash with less advanced ones. The humans in this movie are either army big boys or scientists, the army big boys called the Na’vi people savages simple because they won’t give up their land. This greatly relates to when Britain came over to the new world to discriminate against the natives simply because they didn’t understand them and their way of life was much simpler. Although the discrimination goes both ways, the Na’vi reject Jake before even knowing him because of how his culture made him think. In this movie the scientist want to learn more, but of course they do their scientists. They try their best to protect them but in a way they expose them to more harm because the army big boys want the precious metal underground. The scientists try to “adapt” to them by creating avatars so the Na’vi aren’t frightened. The science aspect in the movie is mostly a fair portrayal of the science because they want to learn more but go about it in a controversial way. I believe scientists could introduce the Na’vi to our technological advanced world on their own; they have communicators, they have people in charge for the Na’vi leaders to respect, and they’re the ones that want to learn more about them and they’ll do it in a respectful manner. If the army big boys were the only ones to introduce them they would use them, enslave them or kill them just to get what they want; the unobtanium.

Today much of the world’s energy consumption is sustained from fossil fuels like coal, gas and oil. Our renewable resources consists of solar, wind power, and hydroelectric energy. On the planet Pandora they display several renewable resources like; plants, water, sunlight and wind. These are much like the ones on earth. Humans for many years have mined for coal and oil this is much like the destructive behavior the humans exhibited on Pandora when they destroyed the tree of life for the precious mineral unobtainium. Many groups on earth fight for safe drilling and mining or to stop certain animal killing. These groups consist of; African Wildlife Foundation, American Oceans, Clean Water Network, Defenders of Wildlife, and Earth First. There are also groups like the army big boys and corporation that push for land deforestation and animal killing. Some of these groups include; Walmart, State Grid, China Natural Petroleum, and Sinopec.

Jake Sully mentions there is nothing green left on earth, this is startling very realistic. Avatar was set in the year 2154, by this time it very realistic that humans have used up all the natural resources and arable land. For this not to happen people need to preach reduce, reuse and recycle, we also need to stop use of all pesticide and land degradation, there needs to be a law to replace all trees and habitats destroyed from companies building, landfills and dumps need to be dealt with and the pollution on the water need to be fixed. I believe there need to be a burning once every two years to get rid of some of the bump build up and pollution.

The movie Avatar represents a fictitious planet with an alien creature that has a plentiful supply of a mineral called unobtanium that the humans want. The Humans have come to Pandora in search for this mineral and have brought curious scientists that are fascinated by the Na’vi and the planet itself. They have left earth due to unsustainable conditions as there is “nothing green left”.

10 December 2020

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