The Solutions To Traffic Problems In Bangkok

While Bangkok, Thailand is known for its popular tourism, effective traffic and transportation are necessary to move around and navigate from place to place. Bangkok is one of the most congested cities, with severe traffic problems that can make it challenging to get around. You may not realize the extent of the effects of traffic congestion. This challenging issue can have a tremendous impact in your personal life, your career, your future and even your safety. Finding a solution to traffic congestion could mean a vast improvement in the quality of welfare for the capital. Bangkok has to solve it’s traffic jam problems in order to compete with more developed cities like those of China, Japan, and the US.

Bangkok has been dealing with traffic problems for a long time. The roots of the problem are overpopulation, the number of cars, the number of roads, and traffic safety. So what’s the resolution? Maybe we could reduce the number of people, reduce the number of vechicles, or increase the number of roads, but that would take years to fix and you wouldn’t be able to do it all on your own, you would also need everyone’s part in action. In addition, it would take a lot of funding.

Like stated above, the roots of the problem are over population, the number of cars, the number of roads, and road safety. To begin my proposal, I would like to begin by saying that we can’t fix overpopalution. The age structure diagram for Thailand is below the replacement level, so overpopulation could be fixed over time. The real issue is having a majority of the population in Thailand just compacted into one city. This is an issue that we have to deal with. Besides moving the capital elsewhere to distribute the population and introduce job opportunities/sustainable lifestyle in other cities. Then we could began by to road safety and the number of cars. First we would start with road safety which would include:

  • Optimising traffic light management
  • Enforcing the existing road traffic laws
  • Installing CCTV to monitor the road conditions
  • Extending resident parking zones
  • Charging for workplace parking
  • Improving bus service
  • Using inbound flow control
  • Rationlising distrubution and deliveries
  • Creating a strategic road network
  • Increase mass transit

These interventions would require only a low level of capital investment. If we started brand new, we could ensure that the 10 proposals stated above would begin to operate. We would also be reducing the number of accidents. We could require people to switch to a more sustainable mode of transportation like walking, cycling, or buses. Though some relief may be gained from increasing the efficiency and capacity of road network. This requires a revolution in transportation planning; no more more motorcycles or mopets. We must design urban roads and streets to be more convienent to walk, cycle, and use public transportation.

In conclusion, the solutions presented would be the most effiecient way to solve Bangkok's traffic problems and it would be easier to navigate around without making it challenging to move from place to place. If we solve the problem, Bangkok will be considered a more developed city, that would gain more tourism, welfare, and less accidents. 

16 December 2021
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