The Statue Of Liberty As Friendship Between France And The United States

I believe humanity feel the need to express themselves because not one person is the same and we show others how we desire to express our feelings and emotion how we see the world through our creations. I also believe the concept of interpretation and intent has informed my explanation, for example, my chosen artifact, The Statue of Liberty intended was to show the friendship between France and The United States, the interpretation of the statue was a welcoming beacon to those coming to America for a better life. When researching my artifact, I learned that we interpret things differently because we as individuals feel differently about everything we see and feel.

The changes occurring of cultural, technology, economic increased the freedom of individual expression in society. Also, the use of new material has added more value being placed on experimentation of ideas. The idea that arts do not need to follow tradition or represent reality began taking hold on the art world. Artists have started attempting to recognize and shape sociocultural changes through their works. This new movement has begun to reject realism and Impressionism. Artists have to resort to express spiritual and mystical ideas with the color line, using these elements to express thoughts and emotions that were farther from verbal descriptions. My chosen artifact The Statue of Liberty was intended to be a gift from France to America, but it became much more significant than just a gift. It turned into an inspiration of hope for immigrants coming to America in the hope of a better life, and freedom. Over the years many people who have written articles about the meaning and history of the Statue of Liberty it helps informed me in my explanation.

Many forms of creative expression can impact today’s issues, whether it a statue, artwork in a form graffiti, music, dance, poetry, and stories it allows every human to show how they feel or gain inspiration about their feeling. One example is the issues on illegal immigration in today's society; in my view, the meaning of the statue of liberty has not changed, freedom from oppression and democracy. Immigrants see it as a welcoming symbol of freedom, justice, and hope for a better life. However, there is a misconception of the meaning of the statue of liberty today. The original meaning has been lost. In today society many think the statue was constructed to welcome immigrants; it is far from the truth. The Statue was a gift to America from France to celebrate the end of slavery and the civil war. The broken chain symbolizes freedom that the civil war achieved it. Depicted the Statue of Liberty robed representing the Roma liberty goddess Libertas, the USA had not always lived up to the principles of that have been incorporated into its founding documents (Liberty). I believe that creative expression goes hand in hand with the culture of the artist era. 

07 July 2022
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