The Story Of My Life By Helen Keller: Fighting With Challenges During Whole Life

3)Helen Keller was born very healthy but developed an illness that left her blind and deaf. Most deaf people don´t speak because they can’t hear if they are talking too loud or if people can understand them so that left her borderline mute. She wrote her story in 1903. In ¨The Story Of My Life¨she talks about everything from her education,challenges and everything she had to enquire in her life. Her story inspired and still inspires people today.

The theme of Helen Kellerś ¨The Story Of My Life¨ is to overcome obstacles in life. She develops this theme by telling her story. Her life has been very hard but she still overcame the challenges. She was in a world full of darkness but her goal was to make is brighter. Helen Keller wants to encourage people to overcome the big and small obstacles in their life. Her goal is to make people feel strong and give them hope to power through even if it will be hard.

As Helen Keller learned it was obviously very challenging. She struggled since she couldn't hear or see. ¨The disadvantage is the danger of unduly severe mental application” said Anne. Anne Sullivan was Helen´s teacher who specialized in blind kids. As Helen became more comfortable, she wanted to learn more. Helen was a very bright student and soul. ¨ During the past three years Helen has continued to make rapid progress in the acquisition of language. She has one advantage over ordinary children, that nothing from without distracts her attention from her studies.¨

She was always a very intelligent person but it took a minute for her to believe that herself. ¨In a thousand ways they have turned my limitations into beautiful privileges, and enabled me to walk serene and happy in the shadow cast of my depression¨p.g 140. ¨Not a day passes that she does not learn many new words¨p.g 365. The connotation between these 2 phrases are that she doesn't let her limitations stop her. The theme is to inspire people to overcome their obstacles and both of these quotes are inspirational. The first quote adds to the theme by showing that Helen didnt let her uncontrollable limitations stop her which is inspirational because instead of halting the world, she embraced it. The second phrase adds to the theme by showing an example of her fighting through her challenges.

Helen Keller is a inspirational and strong women figure. Through her darkness she found light. With the help of her parents and her teacher, Anne Sullivan. Helen grew into a very smart and strong women. It wasn't always easy but she broke down the walls that were holding her back. Helen Keller ended up graduating in 1904 and in 1920 she found the ACLU. Helen Keller died June 1, 1968 but not without leaving her mark on the world. 

07 July 2022
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