The Theme of Selfishness in Macbeth

The play Macbeth by William Shakespeare demonstrates that the main character Macbeth is not only a selfish person but also a man who gave up everything to permit crime and fulfill his ambitions towards gaining power. Revelling that even now many people desire to gain control by risking everything they want or own. Macbeth play’s atmosphere is very dark in which Macbeth himself changed his kindness into selfishness. Shakespeare proves that in today’s world people can change whether it could be justified to ordinary circumstance, or from their deeds and too much of anything could cause a significant conflict in between humanity. This shows that Shakespeare had known that selfishness in gaining power could lead to considerable self-destruction and too much ambition that can dominate people to carry out more crimes to hide their first one. Also, his play indicates that people, now days tend to kill for their own needs which would hunt them for life and making them feel guilty. Macbeth’s play sets a great example which demonstrates a visual of a modern world where it had shown that in this world, too much ambition and evilness could lead humanity to great destruction.

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As it relates to the modern world, there are many pieces of evidence given in the book which clearly shows signs of change in the name of humanity. As now in today’s world, things have gone too far where the selfishness and to gain power over human hearts what can dominate this world to massive destruction. In the play, Macbeth demonstrates a great example of how even a great man-kind with a noble kind heart could also change from good to evil by means that too much of anything could lead to unusual circumstances. ‘I will advise you where to plant yourselves; Acquaint you with the perfect spy o’ the time, The moment doesn’t; for ‘t must be done to-night,’ said Macbeth to the murderers of Banquo. This quote accurately represents Macbeth’s ambition of how eager he is to become king that he has forgotten who he is. He plans the murder of Banquo just like in a most business-like manner where he hires killers to perform what he wishes to do. In the play, Macbeth, both Macbeth and his wife were both so eager to murder the king that they forgot who they are and end up having a tragic end. The selfishness has grown so much that later on in the play, lady Macbeth tolerates her own life. In the play of Macbeth Lady Macbeth states, ‘It is too full o’th milk of human kindness to catch the nearest way…’ which clearly shows that how much evilness she has filled in her own heart to gain power. Lady Macbeth thinks Macbeth won’t indulge in any foul play and do the right thing by waiting for the title to be handed to him, instead of going after it to get it quicker. During this play, when once he has attained the object of his ambition, Macbeth’s character changes. After his decision of killing Duncan was fully confirmed, he was no longer a caution and hesitating person but became bolder, ruthless, and more energetic in his scheming. The main biggest reason for Macbeth to change his decision was when Lay Macbeth states, ‘Thou wouldst be great Art not without ambition. The illness should attend it.’ In this quote, Lady Macbeth manages to hurt Macbeth feeling by douting on him being a man and also reflects on kiss character by saying he is weak. This quote also showcases Lady Macbeth’s role as being a selfish woman. Lady Macbeth’s taunts are unrequired now to spur him on. Later on, the ambition has grown so much that Macbeth himself then beings to plan the murder of Banquo in the most business deal type manner where he hires a killer to perform his deeds which were against humanity. As in today’s dates, people don’t feel much regrets after permitting crimes which establishes them more ruthless and far more shameless than the play Macbeth itself.

People in now days tend to kill for their own needs which would hunt them for life and causing them to feel guilty. The play Macbeth can be related to a modern audience because every human since the book was published, has become so selfish and competitive that they tend to consider competition in everything even friendship and humanity. Close to the end of the story, there is evidence of the guild being shown. Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking in this scene where she seems to be washing her hands and saying “ Out damned spot! Out, I say!.” In this quote, her guilt is coming out as she sleeps and dreams. In this scene, she attempts to clean Duncan’s occult blood off of her hand from the guilt where she realizes after the crim has been made. As still in the non-fictional world, many people currently don’t perform good deeds for others but do it for themselves. The improvement in technology has grown so much that now every kindness could be sold off of one click. This play not only shows signs of selfishness, evilness, or ambition but also indicates the tragic end and the guilt that the people had to suffer from. Thereafter, when Macbeth had killed the king, his eyes seemed to be falling out of his bloody hand in where he says, “will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood. Clean from my hand? No, this my hand will rather. The multitudinous seas incarnadine” proving that guilt only occurs after a massive mistake is made. This quote is relevant because it displays the guilt that Macbeth felt after assassinating the king. Guilt in this play equally takes up a significant lead during some events on the play but then ended up with it showing the deaths of Macbeth and his wife. A mistake which when not is corrected on time could cause a person to regret it for their whole life. Lady Macbeth states, “to bed, to bed. There’s knocking at the gate. Come, come, come, come, give me your hand.” in which she has been mentally unstable and cannot stop seeing visual shots of blood on her hand. At this point, she has entirely given up and takes her own life proving she is guilty.

During this time of the period, people have lost their humanity just like Macbeth and his wife in the play. Even now people plan to kill or also hurt others to succeed. In every turn there is competition. Competition of love, faith, kindness, friendship, and even in success. It’s like this world had been entirely demolished into 100s of Macbeth’s story which all have a tragic end at the end. This story is still relevant in today’s period because people are always stimulated by greed, ambition, jealousy and guilt just like Shakespearean times. Macbeth wanted to be kind and some people today would do anything for either money or power. Back then, Macbeth was forced by his eagerness, wife and the three witches now this world not being itself has become the fundamental problem. The significance of selfishness and gaining power can be relevant to Shakespeare’s tragedy. Taking everything into consideration, the action of the story Macbeth suffered significant consequences, as most do still exist in the present day, but people inevitably tend to not think of the cost of their deeds. Even though, this play is a bit old but still is relevant to the world now. It is unimported for a person to compete; the important thing is to show kindness not to show others but making your self a better human.   

07 April 2022

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