The Theme Of The Importance Of Friendship In Crash By Jerry Spinelli

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In the book Crash by Jerry Spinelli, the kindness of two kids proves the theme is the importance of friendship. Crash comes home from the match and orders pizza with Mike at his house. Mike was a little upset about the pizza delivery because it would come late. Crash decides to make sundaes with Mike. They made it with a half-gallon of Sealtest heavenly hash, red chains, cool whip, and chocolate syrup. Mike starts to talk about Eric, a player on their football team, and his vulgar or hatred words for Crash. Crash behaves ignorantly and arrogantly, by making fun of Eric, saying that he will joincheerleading, with the other girls and Penn. Mike and Crash cracks more jokes about Eric. Meanwhile pizza came, so Crash and Mike enjoys it and spent more time together talking about football and pizza.

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Also, the book states that for the importance of friendship, a character must make a sacrifice he may never gain again to help someone else. When Crash was at home with Mike, he hid in the bathroom, sitting on the bathtub? When Crash was looking through the window, Penn was standing outside with a box? Penn hit the doorbell, but even though Crash does not answer, Penn left the box. When Crash opens the door, opens the box, and he found the Missouri River mud, which he knew Penn really loves. Penn’s grandfather jumps into the river, to get the mud. Crash realizes that even though he was bullying Penn, Penn still demonstrates friendship by giving the mud for Scooter. “Go ahead,” I said. “I ain’t hungry,” said Crash. Crash realizes how much Penn sacrifices because that was the only thing besides his Conestoga wagon. Every day, Crash eats pizza while talking with Mike, but when Penn gave his Missouri River mud, Crash feels very bad because he was always bullying Penn, and Penn still gave something important, Therefore, Crash does not feel like eating.

Furthermore, in chapter 42, Crash discover that Mike was threatening Penn that he would kill his turtle, Thomas, if Penn didoes not eat meat. When Crash finds this out, he goes to Mike’s house and searches for the turtle. Crash finds out that Thomas has no food or water to eat or drink. When Crash runs to Penn’s house to give the turtle back, Mike runs in his way and asks him why is he is being a dud. Crash responds by saying that Mike should move. Mike asks Crash if Penn is feeding him oat burgers, but Crash just shoves him down. When Mike is lying on the floor, Crash quickly runs out to Penn’s house and returns his pet. From this paragraph, the reader can identify that Crash feels bad for Penn. If he was rude, then Crash would never had returned Thomas back to Penn.

The text shows an example of friendship because Crash is being a great friend to Penn. For this reason, Crash is showing friendship towards Penn by returning his turtle. Finally, in chapter 46, Crash and Penn both want a spot in the Penn Relays racing team for their school. When they are racing to join, he feels pity for him and tells him, “I just barked it out: ‘Lean!’ He leaned, threw his chest out, he broke the string. He won”. Crash realizes how Penn works harder than him and knew that he deserves the spot on the racing team. Sacrificing himself for the greater good of someone else shows the power of friendship because even though he does not succeed, he feels good about letting Penn win. Crash’s gift to Penn gives something only a few could experience, and this shows friendship in many ways. Therefore, the theme of the story is the importance of friendship.

31 October 2020

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