The Transformation Of Winston Smith In 1984 By George Orwell

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Humans are more or less made into who they are by tons and loads of competing factors. Winston Smith from 1984, on the other hand, was completely molded into the person he is by the culture, geographical location, and physical nature of Airstrip One.

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One of the big things that molds Winston into who he is, is the way he views Julia. He wants her to be nasty, immoral, and corrupt. He loves her more for all her previous partners, even though in reality it should be the other way round. Most people want their partners to be clean, ethical, and moral. They probably wish that they didn’t have many or any previous partners. Because the Party preaches otherwise. Party wants everyone to be clean and moral? Then you can bet Winston wants dirty and unethical. He developed a hate for the party so primal that anything they stand for, he’s against.

Something else to consider is the physical world he lives in. He wouldn’t have had all his doubts if he wasn’t working in Minitrue (what is Minitrue). He wouldn’t have met Julia if he wasn’t working in Minitrue. As a matter of fact, his way of life is completely defined by his surroundings. If there wasn’t any telescreens, or hidden microphones, or the Party, or Proles, then he and Julia could just go back to one of their apartments, and none would be the wiser. But no. The Party built London to be a massive cage. You can go and do whatever you want, but there’s always a watcher. And what he can do is something you don’t want to think about.

The very weather of Airstrip One also slightly plays into the romance between Winston and Julia. When they first meet in the meadow, all along the path, Winston was marveling at the nature, at how beautiful everything is. Everything the party hasn’t touched, that is. He sees the song of a bird, and thinks about how this beauty is ripped away from him because the party doesn’t want him to know that you can do anything, like sing, for no particular reason. All these little thing(s) affect his psyche and adjust and increase(just use one not both) his hate towards the Party.

Winston is like a man made of clay, completely defined by the Party, and would be nothing without it. His feelings towards the party and their role in his life is the only thing that make Winston, Winston. (I fell like “which” doesn’t really flow well)Which is a stark contrast to most people who have their personalities molded by their environment and many other factors.

03 December 2019

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