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The Truth Behind Aliens Visiting Our Planet

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Aliens are among us. The idea that we are the only intelligent beings is absurd. However, the thought of a powerful alien civilization that has visited Earth, and is waiting for the right time to colonize; that too is terrifying. In the course of history, there have been many encounters with extraterrestrial life on Earth. There is overwhelming evidence that aliens have visited Earth. Within UFO sightings, conspiracies from Area 51, and geographical clues, we can notice some truth to extraterrestrials visiting our planet.

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UFO sightings have existed since Egyptian times as hieroglyphs and have appeared in numerous artworks, pictures, and videos in history. Some people believe these ‘unidentified flying objects’ have been flown to Earth by aliens; some even claimed to have been abducted by these eerie vessels. One such instance of this is the Rendlesham Forest Incident, a cluster of reported sightings of mysterious lights linked to UFO sightings near Rendlesham Forest in Suffolk, England. The story is about a group of American airmen who followed an apparent plane crash into the forest where they found a cluster of unidentified lights. The following day, marks were found on the ground, burns were seen on nearby trees, and even traces of radiation were found–all the elements of a classic ‘alien’ encounter. Another example is the Kenneth Arnold Sighting, in which a private pilot, Kenneth Arnold, claimed to have seen a string of shiny UFOs flying at past Mount Rainier at incredibly soaring speeds, which he predicts to be around 1700 mph, an impossible speed for an aircraft during the historic sighting in 1947. There is a connection between what Arnold told to FBI and investigators and our fascination with aliens. That connection goes from Area 51 supposedly hiding aliens, to perhaps an even better-known encounter, the Roswell UFO Incident, an alleged flying saucer crash around 75 miles north the town of Roswell in New Mexico, USA. Following the findings of the debris, on July 9, an Air Force official publicly announced that the alleged “flying saucer,” as he said, was only a crashed weather balloon. However, to anyone who had witnessed the crash site (or seen photographs of it), it would have been clear that whatever this circular ‘disc’ thing was, it was not a weather balloon nor was it from this planet. UFOs have become a part of our culture so much that even the CIA has joined in, offering several theories on documents such as “Flying Saucers” and “German Scientist’s Article on ‘Flying Discs.’” Although UFO sightings may not seem like much, taking them seriously could help us to scientific breakthroughs and the potential to show us new things.

Closely related to multiple UFO crash sites, Area 51, a secret military base in the middle of the barren Nevada desert, has been the focus of numerous alien conspiracies in America for decades. 30 years ago, Robert Scott Lazar, more commonly known as Bob Lazar, an American scientist openly claimed to have worked on reverse engineering alien technology inside Area 51 which led the FBI to raid his house (like in E.T.), apparently “looking for some paperwork from two years ago about a customer who ordered some toxic material.” Since they could’ve easily called, another theory could be that the FBI was searching for stolen alien technology or possibly Element 115, Moscovium, a unique radioactive component that apparently “fueled” the UFO. Another former worker, named David Adair, publicly claimed to have worked on developing and reverse-engineering secret alien technology. The video of David’s confession on Youtube (originally posted on October 21, 2010) mysteriously turned corrupt on September 18, 2012, along with other links associated with that video. But with deep research and transferring between multiple websites, there is a link that shows the full documentary which suggests that there wasn’t a fault in the video but someone had intentionally corrupted the link. David Adair has very good credentials and a credible backstory that he built his “first” first propulsion rocket when he was just thirteen. To many UFO enthusiasts, David’s claims would be quite intriguing and make a lot of sense. Lastly, Boyd Bushman, yet another former Area 51 scientist, also confessed on his death bed that we had made contact with aliens. With photographic proof and striking descriptions of the aliens, he certainly seems convincing. The photographs and his description of the aliens as, “approximately four and a half to five feet tall, have three backbones and are able to communicate telepathically,” remarkably pairs to our underlying notion of what little green men look like. For now, what we know is that the American government is certainly working on some very experimental things in Area 51 and what goes they are kept secret for a reason.


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10 Jun 2021

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