The Violence Against Muslims In Myanmar

Rewriting History; Myanmar struggles to digest the global anger over Rohingya’s crisis.The world witnessed a brutal massacre of Muslims in Myanmar to which human right claimed as a “textbook example” of ethnic cleansing. The world is baffled, hurt, and is shocked to see a brutal genocide of Muslims in the 20th century. But who cares if it’s Muslims? Perhaps, Nobody!

The United Nation singled out the noble peace award holder Aung San Suu Kyi for failing to speak up for the group. The Myanmar Muslims were massacred and forced to leave their homeland mainly because of their religion. There are still no signs of any militants activity by the Myanmar Muslims, and it is evident from their past that they were pretty incompetent to hold any resistance against the powerful Myanmar army.

The worst came under the statement “I have sympathy for the victims but defending our country from terrorism is more important,” by a Democrat of Myanmar. If you have forgotten the worst inhuman tactics used by the Myanmar government against the Rohingya’s, here is a glimpse:The morning of May-June 2013 marked the start of anti-Muslim violence and reprisal attacks that resulted in the displacement of nearly 2 million Muslims, along with the destruction of more than 10,000 homes and mosques across the region. The Muslims were forced to move to Bangladesh where they found refuge in the most horrific conditions.

Shame could be a bit lenient word for the whole nation of Burma. There were reports of Muslims cut into pieces, women being raped, children being cut to death; Myanmar didn’t set for anything less. The stories of people getting tortured and pledging for mercy are just overwhelming. The reports described that Rohingya’s were forced to stand on the line, and were shot one by one. Their women were snatched and were raped until death. Villages were burnt and people were dismissed from their land. Some of them who escaped the horrific massacre are still wrapped under a horrible trauma.

This picture defines the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims as the Buddhist monks are gathered to burn the bodies of Muslims who were massacred the night before. Who could have imagined that one day the armed forces will burn their villages and they will be shot like animals? The heart grieves and sinks over the Rohingya’s blood, while the world’s silence is clearly indicating their hypocrisy.

The Burmese officials didn’t seem to acknowledge their evil crimes as they stated Muslims as a problem for their land. The new government slammed UN reports of ethnic cleansing as highly exaggerated. On the other hand, the Myanmar government along with Israel has signed to rewrite the textbooks so that they can hide their history of genocide they did against the Muslims. Both the governments have already started their work in changing textbooks that will allow them to edit passages concerning their own history, more specifically on the lessons of “the negative consequences of intolerance”, racism, Anti Semitism, and xenophobia.

The education cooperation agreement signed recently is not the only relation between these two countries since Israel manufacturers continue to sell military equipment to Myanmar. The textbooks will teach the children of one country that has killed over 100 Palestinians in the last 3 months and the other that has been accused of ethnic cleansing against Rohingya’s Muslims with nearly 700,000 people leaving Myanmar due to violence in 2017.

Both Myanmar and Israel are reluctant to acknowledge their own violent, intolerant, racist, and xenophobic measures against the native people who have been living there for centuries. The agreement will also promote academic cooperation’s that would include conferences, training courses along with the introduction of Zionist studies programs in Myanmar, and Myanmar studies in Israel. This will enable them to mutually verify school textbooks, especially to those concerned passages that are referring to the history of the other state and, where needed, introduce amendments.

Thereby, they can write their history of their own that may contain factious arguments, cherry-picked facts, self-serving figures to justify their inhuman crimes. The disgusting crimes are not only a shame for the Buddhist, but also it’s a slap on the Muslim world. Pakistan, being a nuclear state, seemed to be silent on this inhuman genocide of the Muslims. One can say that the country is busy sorting out their internal matters but it still doesn’t justify their silence. Pakistan holds the tendency to give a swift response to the Myanmar government and has the power to downright them easily. But is it included in the country’s priority? Not actually!

On the other hand, Saudia Arabia has joined an alliance with the Israel government and has done nothing for the Muslims of Myanmar. They are playing at the hands of Israel and America, and have truly forgotten their true spirit. The crimes of Saudia Arabia in Yemen against their fellow Muslims are raising anger in the Muslim world. The role of turkey is impressive. They have tried their best to dismantle the occupation, but haven’t been proved successful.

Myanmar refugees are living in the camps alongside Bangladesh border that are in horrific conditions. The fear of being shot or getting drowned is a constant nightmare for the Muslims living in the camps. The Bangladesh government has provided little assistance but is not ready to continue it in future. No other country is willing to sort out the crisis. The UN isn’t powerful enough to stop the evils. The fate of refugees is unknown. Moreover, the ones left in the Rohingya are waiting for their death. The reason is still a mystery.

Some news indicated a port that has to be built by the Myanmar government and the Chinese government. Whatever reason they might have for doing this genocide, the history will never justify the inhuman cleansing of native people. While death surrounds the Rohingya’s refugees living in the camps, the world is silent. For how long, Muslim countries will remain silent on the blood of their fellow Muslims? Only time will tell..

03 December 2019
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