The Vital Role Of Collaboration In Education Setting

Nowadays co-teaching is embraced with open arms as it creates various opportunities and will eventually lead to stronger relationships in the classroom. To have success in co-teaching, it is of vital importance that both the teachers and LSE work as a team. According to Positive Pscyhology, a team is a group of two or more people who interdependently seek to meet a common purpose, often through problem solving, in order to meet their own and their organization’s goals. At a minimum, a team should be a cooperative unit and, at its best, a team is a collaborative unit. ” Unfortunately, many teachers feel that they have to work alone and this will lead to struggles and inequalities. To increase teaching and learning, collaborative teams must emphasize on planning and promoting education. By parallel teaching in schools, students will benefit from more increased attention. Thus this will allow better understanding and more access to the curriculum. It also defeats exclusion, as they will feel more self-confident and will learn more. I feel that this led to a successful outcome because they both have to co-plan, they will find enough flexible space in the classroom too and disruptions will be controlled too.

I also like station teaching where every teacher plans the lesson together with the resources and activities and will be liable for a different aspect of the lesson. All teachers share ideas and resources. This type is ultimate to enhance autonomous learning too especially during Math lessons. By this teaching method, you can include all students and can differentiate by level. However, good teamwork, space availability and excellent timing are required. communication is self-motivated reinforcement for a group of people working together. It helps team members to listen, participate, and discusses complex concerns. To grasp the full potential of communication, the team members need to show apprehension, trust one another, and emphasis on clarifications, not difficulties. Open communication is very important to a team's achievement. To develop team communication, leaders can provide skill training in listening, replying, and the use of language as well as in meeting management, feedback, and compromise building. Without motivation, people cannot be dynamic. Abraham Maslow emphasised that if the basic needs are not gratified, we cannot achieve higher satisfaction and be motivated. Employee motivation is an essential aspect of the workers leading to self-motivated results. Motivation needs are on a regular basis. in order to meet goals. Motivated employees can lead to better success and achieve better levels of efficiency. Lack of motivation will lead to waste of your time and resources. Bandura (1997) also emphasize on motivation that will accomplish the behaviour. Feeling dedicated to the job has a link with the motivation and pleasure of working harder. According to Kagan & Slavin, in classroom where intrinsic motivation is the goal, teachers discuss with students the rationale for helping everyone learn and the values of responsibility for self and others, sharing and caring”. Thus trust is a core ingredient to build a strong team. As Parson suggests, trust is vital for the maintenance of cooperation in society. ”

Effective professional collaboration is extremely important as it has the control to effect the preparation of all teachers and stakeholders. To develop teaching and student learning, collaborative teams must pressure on anticipating and refining education, as well as re-joining to individual student needs in a timely manner. Another important point to consider for an effective collaboration is to have optimal leadership skills. Indeed, if a leader is not successful in his/her own leading team, the followers won’t follow, and the leader is no more a leader without any followers. Moore defined the word leadership as the ability to impress the will of the leader on those led and induce obedience, respect, loyalty, and cooperation. To be a successful leader, one must always give hope, be credible and motivated. Effective leaders should minimise errors, focus on positive aims and ideas, be as role models to their followers, and empower others.

Finally, the leader’s job is to gather a team and guide the members through all the steps, so ultimately will reach the goal collectively, however, ideas and thoughts from the members are openly accepted. As stated before, there are various characteristics that will be essential to keep up an effective team. The new policy which was launched in April 2019, also emphasizes on collaboration amongst stakeholders. The new policy focuses on 10 themes with the aim to enrich full inclusion in all schools and ensuring that the diverse needs are met. Thus focusing on “an effective learning community” at the schools. It is utterly important to include parents with the school community to enhance a holistic environment. Education Minister Evarist Bartolo insisted that ensuring inclusion was not an easy accomplishment but it is difficult to understand as it is not a destination but a continuous journey. Minister Bartolo emphasised that one of the most important things the report recommended was an essential modification from a charity based approach, which leads to reliance, to a human rights one.


According to Murwski, collaboration is a style of the interface while co-teaching is teaching group of students with diverse needs in the same general education classroom. With developments in technology, the world is becoming smaller and we are facing very concrete attitudes that we are unified economically, socially, and politically. To solve complex problems as well as to have better occasion, we must avoid segregation and join with one another. Berger et al (2005) suggests when collaborative action research is woven into the school culture and supported strongly by both the administration and the faculty. According to Ochran et al, it allows teachers to examine their practice systematically and participate in the highest level of acknowledged learning by conducting authentic, classroom-based research. ” Vitally, all stakeholders should participate in a collaborative manner and set reachable goals to attain positive results. According to Ford, if everyone is moving forward together, the success takes care of itself. ”

10 October 2020
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