The World Of Game In Ready Player One

Some of the latest movie posters are clearly displayed before my eyes at one of Cinema XXI theaters in North Sumatra. At that time, in April 2018, I and two friends came to the cinema several times, so I didn’t know what to watch. Because I didn’t update about the latest film, I tried searching Ready Player One through IMDB (Internet Movie Database and watch the trailer, I was curious, finally, I chose this film to watch.

This is not a sequel or prequel movie, so I don’t know anything about this film before. Ready Player One is a film adapted from a novel by Ernest Cline with the same title. Ready Player One tells of Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan), the story of a teenager who lives in 2045. The era when Global Warming has peaked and worsening economic situation in the world.

The film that tells about exciting adventures in the world of games was directed by Stephen Spielberg, very fantastic and satisfying fans. I no longer need to tell stories about films directed by Spielberg. He himself has made many new breakthroughs in the world of cinema, Spielberg always remembered in the hearts of the audience. Are you one of them? Yes, I am

Fighting in the Virtual World

Living in a slum and poor environment is annoying, too much trouble. This is the reason for Wade Watts running away from the real world, he entered into a fantasy world called OASIS. Wade accesses that through VR (Virtual Reality) glasses. OASIS is a virtual world that has been built by a genius man but lonely, James Halliday (Mark Rylance).

Just like when we surf the internet, we can search for anything, wherever and whenever we like. So, as well as OASIS, where Wade could use his avatar, he named himself with Parzival. Of course, he was not alone, the game was accessed by many people, and life in the OASIS world began. An exciting adventure in finding easter eggs that cost millions of dollars has made people at that time really crave it.

Not only personally, but even a company called IOI was also established to look for these eggs. Imagine if you found it, then you will inherit all the shares of the game company, which costs hundreds of millions of dollars. That is a big offer in OASIS. Therefore, to buy valuables in the game, of course, using real money, which can make some users in debt, there are even people who tried to commit suicide because of stress.

Pop Culture Exists Throughout the Movie

Watching this movie does not mean that we are teenagers, even though the film is played by a teenager named Wade, but our nostalgia with some popular characters really spoils us. I myself feel proud to see various popular characters in the 90s. In this movie, you will find Kingkong, The Iron Giant, Chucky dolls, 8-bit video games, and much more.

So, if you want to watch Ready Player One, make sure you have knowledge about popular characters because, along with the story, there will be a lot of inside jokes scattered in this movie. Maybe if you are a spectator who doesn’t know old pop culture, then that might not understand the terms used in it.

Don’t worry, because, with brilliant visual effects and exciting stories, Ready Player One will give you an amazing cinematic experience. Not only that, because this movie will invite you to reminisce again, revive the souls of children in us. Well, here it is, no one can create it, only Spielberg that has this capability.

07 July 2022
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