Treatment Of Jews In Concentration Camp 

World War II is an important part of history. It is considered the bloodiest conflict that happened in Europe and across the Pacific and eastern Asia. Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s loss during World War I. This lead to The Holocaust which started when Hitler rises to power. During this time, many tragedies and horrible events happened to the Jews. Jews in the concentration camps went through many dehumanizing treatments. When Jews are captured, they were sent to different concentration camps. Jews treatment in concentration camps varied according to their status. The working assignments to the Jews depend on their social background. If they were from higher classes, they had more desirable work assignments. However, lower rank Jews had more physically demanding work and extremely harsh treatment. In the article, it is stated that “Living conditions were harsh and extreme but varied greatly from camp to camp and also changed over time. ” Jews faced a terrible life in the concentration camp (“Daily Life in Concentration Camp”).

For example, higher social status people could work indoors like administrative work and camp elders while lower status had to do more laborious work like mining, construction that caused a higher mortality rate because of exhaustion. Many people suffered from this horrible treatment. Anne Frank is one of the victims of The Holocaust during World War II. She had experienced inhumane treatment in the concentration camp. Fortunately, Anne could stay in the working camp instead of being sent to the gas chamber. However, they were exposed to harsh treatment, starved and beaten by the Nazi soldiers. Anne and her sister were forced to move to another concentration camp. In the concentration camp where Anne and Margot were moved to, people experienced starvation, Nazis violence, an illness which can be spread by fleas or lice. Many had typhus in concentration camps. The illness infected others including her sister who died from it. These unfortunate experiences were unforgettable for Anne Frank (“Anne Frank”). As can be seen in the video, a survivor of The Holocaust shared 'her' experiences in the camp. Spending time in the concentration camp made Lydia experienced things she never imagined. People in the concentration camp were screened whether they go to the left side where they will be kept alive and on the right side where they will be sent to the gas chamber and die. Lydia was one of those who were kept alive. She was asked to undress by the soldiers and her hair was shaved. She had to steal food to feed her hunger and could get beaten if the soldiers found out about it. Nazis were murdering Jews who they thought were useless by putting them in the gas chamber. Jews were hungry and dying of starvation because the Nazis didn’t provide enough food for them. Fortunately, Lydia survived and remained alive after the Holocaust but her experiences will always remain in her mind (“Holocaust survivor interview, 2017”). Nazis were treating Jews like they were not humans. Most of the Jews were having a hard time and had to endure inhumane cruelty done to them. Though some higher class Jews did not suffer much compared to the lower rank ones, the total number of Jews who died was still horrifying. As shared by Lydia and Anne Frank, they were treated like animals. Lots of Jews were killed in the gas chamber, and many others died because of hunger, physical abuse, exhaustion, and illness.

So, people in the world should never forget about this horrible event in our history. Though some Jews survived The Holocaust, the worst experiences they had endured in the concentration camps will forever stay in their memories. We should learn from this event, and we must treat everyone equally without discrimination.

10 December 2020
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