Vaccines And Children

First, the children are the future and what will be of them if the parents do not protect them from all the dangers that diseases cause. Vaccines are an essential part of children’s health, here in California, all children are required to get vaccinated to help prevent a death that comes from infections that can be preventable. There is a controversy with the parents that do not want to vaccinate their children, it is irresponsible and not safe. Therefore, parents are responsible for their

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child’s health and well-being by law and must protect them from vaccine-preventable diseases.

New parents are the ones that should be highly alert to their children’s well-being. The children’s well-being is something parents take care of by the law of nature, it is an instinct that they have or once the parents find out they will become parents. Aside from that to take care of your child’s well-being is something you need to do by state law. This could lead to getting your children taken away, or the parents getting investigated for child neglect. This leads to part of the conversation, to parents who choose to vaccinate their children and the parents who are anti-vaxxers. California has a law that was implemented in 2016 and is one of the strictest immunization laws there is and came to afloat because of the measles’ outbreak that occurred in the happiest place on earth, Disneyland in 2015. Scientists that went into the problem of the outbreak, were led to believe that-that situation occurred was related to the number of children that are not being vaccinated. The Los Angeles Times, Soumya Karlamangla, “[…] following a major measles outbreak centered around Disneyland that scientists say was fueled by rising numbers of unvaccinated kids in the state. ‘ That outbreak would have not occurred if parents were being responsible enough to get their children vaccinated, knowing that crazy diseases are still out there. Parents should care more about their children’s well-being and health because they should know and be aware of the stories that tend to trend in social media. Social media is a big part of parenting in a sense because everything goes into the internet and gets exposed. For example, a story that came upon a child that would always say hi to a cop every day when he was making his rounds on the streets, this one day the little girl was not there to say hi to him, and he got worried and went to the house to find a horrible scene. The little girl was dying, and the problem was that the mom did not want to take her to the hospital because the girl was not vaccinated and was scared the girl would die faster and that she would get in trouble. If certain parents are strong believers that kids should not be vaccinated, why should they be scared to get in trouble for something they “believe in. ‘ The vaccines are there for a reason and are for the health of children and adults as well.

Children’s health is an essential part growing up because you don’t know the illnesses they might come upon. People get exposed to so many things throughout the day, whether it is being at a laundry, food restaurant, restrooms, food supermarkets, and parks. These places expose children to many germs and possible diseases. It is essential to protect them and a simple way of doing that is getting them vaccinated. The journal of vaccines and vaccinations, Longdom, “Vaccines that ought to be administered to humans during childhood stage of life can be termed as childhood vaccines. These vaccines are primarily responsible for the induction of the immune system and development of immunogenic response within the child. ‘ Vaccines are an imperative part of a child’s health because it prevents the most common diseases humans are aware exist among us. For example, hepatitis B, polio, Hib, varicella, DTaP and MMR. In the book by Paul Thomas, M. D, and Jennifer Margulis, Ph. D. , “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan,’ “Before the Hib vaccine, about twenty thousand children under five came down with life-threatening infections caused by Haemophilus influenza type B every year and about a thousand died. These days there are fewer than twenty-five cases of Hib a year and no deaths. ‘ Without this life example and testimonial of doctors why put children in danger with influenzas and diseases that can be prevented through a vaccine.

Vaccines are essential to the children’s health, especially when they are newborn. Newborns, for instance, are born with a little of protection against diseases that they get when their mom breastfeeds them, they get anti-bodies from the mothers’ milk and so on, but that protection is not permanent, and they eventually need to get them vaccinated. Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD, “Your Child’s Immunizations,’ “(vaccination) is a way to create immunity to (protection from) some diseases.

This is done by using small amounts of a killed or weakened germ that causes the disease. ‘ Maybe, because parents think that because of the anti-bodies that are transferred to the child when they are breastfed the child doesn’t need vaccinations because they have ‘natural’ protection against the diseases. That is not right, then what is the vaccines if they are not going to help. The purpose is that vaccines help stimulate the body’s immune system. The vaccine’s sole purpose is to fight off any germ that might go in the body later. Why are their parents against vaccination?

Several parents are anti-vaxxers and there are many reasons for why they object to getting their children vaccinated. Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD, “Your Child’s Immunizations”, “They have questions or worry that a child might have a serious reaction or get the illness the vaccine prevents. ‘ Parents need to get more informed and look at their options and they will see that vaccines are safe and are there for a reason and should not be afraid of the vaccinations. Elana Pearl Ben-Joseph, MD,

“Your Child’s Immunizations,’ says, “the components of vaccines are weakened or killed. In some cases, only parts of the germ are used. So, they’re unlikely to cause any serious illness. Some vaccines may cause mild reactions, such as soreness where the shot was given or a fever. But serious reactions are rare. The risks of vaccinations are small compared with the health risks of the diseases they’re intended to prevent. ‘ Having the fear of a bad reaction is not at all valid as mentioned before if vaccines exist is because they help instead of harm and that has been shown over the years. Doctors are aware of the concerns the parents have but they know that reactions to vaccines are not bad as parents might think. Anti-vaxxers need to see the outbreaks that have occurred such as the measle outbreak in Disneyland, that it is unsafe for children to not be vaccinated.

Immunizations are one of the best means of protection against contagious diseases. It has been demonstrated by the practice and outcome that practitioners have once a vaccine has been administrated. In the book by Paul Thomas, M. D, and Jennifer Margulis, Ph. D. , “The Vaccine-Friendly Plan” says ‘Vaccines save children’s lives, makes families safer […] back, then I could not imagine any reason not to give each and every vaccine as directed by the CDC […] put out childhood vaccination guidelines

that saved and helped children. And I saw it happening firsthand. ‘ Testimonials from doctors that have witnessed the power of vaccination can help parents who are not for it understand the means to why children need receiving a vaccination. First and foremost, the purpose of this is not to bash anti-vaxxer parents but to inform them that immunizations are the best means of protection.

What are the vaccines? How do vaccines work? Vaccines, as mentioned before, are there to provide immunity to the body from natural infection and help with the consequences that they might bring. So, to understand them as mentioned before parents must look deeper into the origins of the first vaccine that was ever invented and brought up because of the first virus that came about, for example, the smallpox vaccine. The sole purpose and goal of the vaccine are to help the body create the same amount of the “protective anti-bodies*, and the naturally induced by the body’s natural infection. In the book by Paul A. Offit, M. D. and Charlotte A. Moser, “Vaccines and Your Child: Separating Fact from Fiction” says, “The immune response consists of many different types of cells that help fight infections. But in the world of vaccines, nothing is more important than anti-bodies, which neutralize viruses and bacteria before infections can get started. ‘ Anti-vaxxers believe in their bodies anti-bodies to fight off any virus, infection or disease, the problem that natural infections bring on children is that children’s body is going to go through a very difficult time in order to fight off anything that is attacking it and it just takes a great toll on a body especially if it is a child. Nowadays, we live longer than we did back in the day thanks to vaccines.

Continuing with the controversial topic that is vaccination. Several celebrities have announced themselves as anti-vaxxers. They have their reasons to take apart on their beliefs. For example, Jenny McCarthy the ex-girlfriend of Jim Carrey, “Believes that the MMR vaccine caused her son Evan’s autism. ‘ Several celebrities continue to believe that vaccines cause autism, but it has been disproven innumerable times, the CDC says, “there is no link between vaccines and autism. ‘ Autism is a developmental disability caused by the differences in how the brain tends to function. It has been disproven innumerable amount of times so it cannot be a con caused by vaccines.

However, there is Jessica Biel who a month or so ago spoke out against the California State Bill 276 which limits the medical exemptions from vaccinations. Despite speaking out, she is not, an ‘anti-vaxxer’ she is worried about the possible health consequences of vaccines that are mandated. Her being worried is understandable because there are cases such as a friend of hers, Jessica Biel says, “ My dearest friends have a child with a medical condition that warrants an exemption from vaccinations […] it would greatly affect their family’s ability to care for their child in this state. ‘ In a case like this, it is understandable to why not getting your child vaccinated because of the cons the vaccine might bring to that sick child. However, that is a finite amount of people that face this, the vast majority is healthy, and vaccines are there to prevent diseases. Hausman, Bernice L. ,” Anti/Vax: Reframing the Vaccination Controversy,’,” “After having gone through this experience, though, who would want to risk something like it again? If a vaccine could make such activities safer, who wouldn’t want it?’ Vaccines are there to prevent the interruptions that diseases cause in the affected people’s lives. That is why modern medicine/vaccines exist to shield us.

The law, and the parents, need to do their best to shield and protect the children when growing up from preventable diseases. The Los Angeles Times, Soumya Karlamangla, ‘California is one of only three states that does not allow parents to opt-out of vaccines due to their beliefs. ‘ That brings us back to the outbreaks such as the measles, pertussis, and varicella that scientist has linked to unvaccinated children. Children are not being protected at all, concerns on vaccinations are as old as the vaccinations. The controversy is reinforced by different views on the topic of the vulnerability of their bodies, it can be catastrophic not to vaccinate. Thanks to vaccination’s doctors can fight off the diseases and children can be treated. World-wide, children and babies die of preventable diseases, for example, developing countries need vaccinations. Those parents want to be given the chance, to give a chance to their children, but here in the U. S, it is a other story, parents asking that their children do not get vaccinated. What is the meaning of that? News on outbreaks should solemnly be enough to get parents to vaccinate to avoid tragic stories like the one of back in the day where instead of hundreds dying every day. Thanks to vaccinations now there are only a few cases which occur in a year and death are not the case. In the book by, Richard J. Altenbaugh, “Vaccination in America: Medical Science and Children’s Welfare,’ “On July 2, 2015, the USA Today reported that a hospitalized woman, in Clallam County, Washington, had contracted measles and died of pneumonia, a common complication from this highly contagious disease […] This article attributed her death to a resurgence of measles. ‘ Because of the resurgence of diseases is why the law is there to protect the people.

What everyone needs to know is that vaccines have shown how they reduce the spread of preventable diseases and in California, it has reduced the mortality rate. Recently, since it has resurged again is why preventative measures are being taken before it gets out of control. As mentioned in the beginning, children are our future and mandatory vaccination is to help protect those tiny humans’ lives and strengthen their health for the future. Mandatory vaccinations is the best influence on everyone, and the well-being of children as well. Since children do not have the strongest immune system early one in life, it causes disease to spread faster and this event happens before these children can fully be developed. So, it is imperative to vaccinate them, so they can build a strong body and immune system and fight diseases and illnesses as they grow. All children get sick eventually so that is why vaccinations help establish a stronger immunity. In the book by Feemster, Kristen A. , “Vaccines: What Everyone Needs to Know,’

“A vaccinated individual is less likely to become infected, and if the individual is not infected, he or she cannot spread the infection to others. When there are many vaccinated people in a community, there is nowhere for the bacteria or virus to go; the group or herd becomes immune. ‘ The preventable diseases had decreased effectively, the risk of getting exposed was low, but over the year’s incidences have increased. Going back to the measles’ outbreak in Disneyland, which could have been prevented, and that was linked to unvaccinated children that could have been protected from the measles. Children come into this world not immune to all possible diseases and it is imperative they receive their first rounds of vaccinations because they are important and deserve the chance to live, then to die from preventable diseases. It spares the children from the dangers that the preventable diseases bring, and the toll it might take on their body as mentioned before.

Social media spreads misinformation that makes parents scared to vaccinate their children. Social media is a big part of this era and for Ethan Lindenberger, he has spoken about the misinformation social media spreads as well. Ethan son of anti-vaxxer parents, “he went before Congress to call out social media sites for spreading the misinformation about vaccines that makes people like his parents afraid to vaccinate their kids. ‘ When he spoke out, not, a day later, the American Academy of Pediatric surged the CEOs of social media platforms to remove/ filter misinformation about vaccines. Ethan at first was scared because of what he grew up listening to his parents, he said “As I approached high school and began to critically think for myself, I saw that the information in defense of vaccines outweighed the concerns heavily. ” There are more pros than cons that come from vaccines and everyone should get informed before assuming the wrong in what is right. Vaccines exist for a reason, they are there because over the years it had gone away but the controversial topic has resurfaced because parents are choosing not to vaccinate and outbreaks of diseases that had been gone have emerged once again.

Lastly, vaccines are a crucial part of children, their health, and their well-being. It is neglect to not vaccinate when diseases can be prevented by simply getting vaccinated. Anti-vaxxers fear possible bad reactions their children might get from getting vaccinated. Celebrities’ are saying that certain vaccines are causing children to be born with autism when it has been disproven innumerable times. The CDC has said it is not linked to autism; autism is a developmental disability. Bad reactions are rare, there are more pros than cons that come with vaccinations. Vaccinations save children’s lives, they would not be given if they are not safe, and they protect the future generations from preventable diseases. Children are the future and because preventable diseases have not yet disappeared it is essential and vital to vaccinate the children.

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10 October 2020

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