Virtue Of Laziness From A Philosophical Point Of View

This philosophical paper shows the greater value for laziness more than the value of being hard-working. It will be shown here why laziness is inherently good and why is it the best form of innovation. It would also be discussed here on why it can bring the best ends and how would it affect the future of the natural world. Further inquiries will be discussed on such as the consequences of working hard as an aim for having a good life. As Gandhi said “If one takes care of the means, the end will take care of itself”, but how should one ought to take care of the means? This generation has been accompanied by the advancing technology, that, as I would thought, is a real haven. There are so many technologies right now that can make life much more easier compared to the primitive kind of life. By having these technologies, an individual can make less effort but much more work a day compared without it. In other words, an individual can have much more time in the self. These technologies are made to reduce the sadistic nature of unconscious living – for I think that we are in the hell as described in by the bible which is full of only sufferings, regret, and exhaustion. Why do we have to work so much in this world-like-hell if there is a much more problem in our self? Well, I think that I, and also those who already perceive this world as hellish, need to start with our self to get a clearer perception on what really is in front of our physical vessel. Only you knows where the self of yours is and no one can help you remove those rubbles but only you . The you in soul form is what acts as the metaphysical vessel, while your mind is the gateway to the self. Both your vessels on physical and metaphysical world have each connected strength to function but your soul form has been siphoned of strength because of the effort that you should be spending on yourself, has been needlessly spent on yourself. And in that self, there’s no technology to assist yourself. Technology such as patience, loneliness, suffering, trauma, and selfishness. These technologies I employed will support the laziness I desire both in the physical and the metaphysical world to help, if there is, the meta-metaphysical world; if there’s none, then a sound death – the perfect nothingness, the freedom from heavy living, the complete form of laziness. 

You, in the physical world, has no responsibility, or whatsoever, to make your life worth living. You just need to observe the natural world – in which I believe, is a product or an art itself to be clearly observed when the rubbles weighing on your mind has been emptied. The people that surround the you, specifically the hard workers, are making the world unlivable by turning it into a dystopian-ic place to live in. They work so hard, unable to appreciate the beauty of everything because they are wanting a good life they’ll never acquire, to raise their status and have the smallest sigh as possible even though they know that they’ll die in the end making their siphoned effort in vain. They’ll cling to their God/s – faith, if their hard-work trashed out trying to reason out their unconscious mistake, or side with science siding this world’s with common sense – which I would say an incompetence in examining the self. Thus, their life is full of annoyingly nonsensical complicated means without an ounce of sensible end. As to what I had said, what hard-workers do is to destroy the natural scenery of the natural world that should be preserved once the rubbles on the island was either removed or completely used. They are the Sisyphus of the world in both metaphysical and physical world where, as to adapt it in my own version which is not forever-ly pushing a huge boulder like Sisyphus, they are continuously make their metaphysical world much more heavier until they would severe the tie in the said world like Sisyphus. But as Albert Camus said “Life is absurd”, I say that living is the means and life itself is the prize worth seeing – the product of your living, and what is absurd are the hard-workers. Imagine someone, a really hard-working man, let’s say a Filipino. He strives for a much better future of himself. He did everything rise in status or to prosper in “living” even with a corrupt government, an unhealthy surrounding, like a real situation of poverty in Philippines. He has 3 jobs with a big family only eating barely 2 times a day. But with all his hard working effort, nothing happened. Still in the brink of death, not just him, but with his treasures that he couldn’t afford to take care of, with his family. An absurd story. On the other hand, a rich, corrupt, or not, politician or a businessman still needs to be a hard worker. If corrupt; then he would be busy minding his own fortune carefully afraid of it being reduced. If not corrupt; then he would be busy minding his own integrity in front of his/her subjects/employers. He’ll always be tied working hard with his own self-developed duty. An employed man is for his self-developed duty, not for himself. Once again, an absurd story. 

Now, a lazy man. Rich or poor, neither is important for him. He just need to sleep, eat, drink, and think. Examining one’s self is his priority to get the real view of what’s in front of him. He was lifting every weight in his self to make everything so light. A lighter self means more can be occupied because space became more free. A clean self, which means that you know how to remove wastes – rubbles, without rubbles means that everything unnecessary is removed. Now he can see the world in a brighter sense and a more meaningful one. He is an enlightened one where he can see how the hard-workers destroyed such world. An unlucky one, indeed. An unneeded story to be told. How absurd. 

So, as the song implies, just row your boat gently down the stream merrily because life is but a dream . Yes, life is but a dream, an end in the process of means. Continue living to support the island of self, remove or use the rubbles, while living lazily, harmonically. One might say that the meaning of dream in the song is not synonymous to the word goal but an illusion that is produced in our sleeping, I’d be pleased and ask on how sure he is that we are already sleeping and have already reached the dream, this life we are living, but still is not contented. It’s just the same. Now, either remove the rubbles or use it is or both is your choice. But, no matter what you desire of your end is, the means you’ve been processing is what creates the ends, whether you like the result or not. The objectivity of the physical world is something determined by everyone’s logical reasoning has seen, where there is only one reality, as per Ayn Rand’s objectivism. Once that objective reality falls apart, everything in the natural world falls apart and you’ll never see the beauty of it. Once that natural world falls, you’ll never see the ends and the subjective island of yours will lose its purpose. 


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16 December 2021
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