Volunteering And Military Service In The U.S. Forces

There are few countries that require their youth to serve two years of military service, and as global tensions rise there could be benefits to adopting this in the United States. Though, one major issue with enforcing mandatory involvement in the military would be the lack of motivation and drive within the youth. This would eventually deteriorate U.S. Forces leaving us vulnerable to outside threats. One of the many factors that play into the power status of the U.S. Forces are the many volunteers that have accumulated over time. The men and women that fight every day on the front lines have voluntarily put their lives on the line to ensure the safety of the American people. This policy would force the unmotivated youth to fight on the front lines, thus, causing a weakening in the troops making them unreliable. Though there are substitutions to this policy, one of them being alternative civilian services. This would allow the youth to contribute to national growth safely, while also allowing them the freedom to reject military service.

One slight alteration to this policy that could possibly be beneficial would be requiring two years of public/community service. This would aim more so towards their interest, which would stimulate these individuals interest, as well as, motivation. These tasks could range from Habitat for humanity to the Peace Corps. This would not only Benefit the individuals in discipline in real-world situation but also there would be overwhelming benefits as a nation. Being in service to these organizations and nonprofits would allow for the government to save money, in order to give aid to other branches. In addition to that there are also societal benefits, such as the building of trust and a wider base of life skills and knowledge. This ultimately accomplishes similar missions/outcomes as military service would, while in a different atmosphere and environment. Volunteering for these organizations provide a humbling experience that promotes positive environments for growth and development with an individual's skills and interests.

The U.S. Forces are also known for their extensive training and disciplinary policies, making us one of the elite. This rigorous training requires individuals that are mental, as well as, physically able to perform. This means that forcing individuals to partake in these tasks would only hinder their performance. this, again, would only cause gaps to form throughout the U.S. military eventually making us an easy target for enemies. Eventually lowering the standards of the recruits being accepted, thus, causing the caliber of the military to decrease substantially. The quality of the soldiers is what will ensure victory, not so much the quantity of personnel. For instance, having ten individuals that can efficiently complete a task would be more beneficial than a team of one hundred individuals that aren't motivated or sufficiently trained in that field. Therefore, alternative civilian service would be a reasonable and cost-effective substitution for mandatory military service that promotes positive energy and individual/community growth.

03 December 2019
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