Water Purification Using Natural Absorbent


Rural and peri-urban people living in extreme poverty and used highly turbid contaminated water. Natural absorbent are easily available at low cost and non-toxic. Ground water is purified by natural absorbent. Check various proportions of natural absorbent on ground water and by natural absorbent reduce parameters like TS, TDS, TSS, Hardness, pH, Turbidity.


Water is an important resource for life. Entire living organisms on earth need water for life. Water is used by human for various purposes; therefore the cleanliness of water consumed is very important since water is known to affect the health. Good quality water has become an expensive item, because many water resources have been polluted by waste coming from the various human activities. Natural absorbent are widely available at low cost and non-toxic. There are many natural absorbent like charcoal, coconut, seeds, sand etc. Natural absorbent is one of the most common ways to reduce the pollutant contents in the water body that are present as turbidity, color, TS, hardness. Contaminated water passed through the natural absorbent which removed TS, Hardness, Turbidity etc. Some pathogens are still remain which will be removed by the membrane. Hence, we get pure water.

Raw materials required and Apparatus for water purification.


Take sufficient amount of contaminated water in beaker. Then add seeds powder in contaminated water. Then keep this mixture for a while. Some percentage of impurities are removed. Then water is passed through the charcoal sand mixture, which removes TS, turbidity, color, hardness etc. Some pathogens are still present. So this sample is passed through the membrane. So the pathogens are removed and we get pure water.

Ideation Canvas

In ideation canvas, we carry out which type of activities is related to our project? What is situation and location regarding to activities? Then after we find the possible solutions it is depend or not depend to activities.

Story Boarding:

The entire concept of story boarding is to include some happy and sad stories regarding our domain: Removal of heavy metals, with the help of these stories, we can understand the user’s problems.


Once I visited a village. I saw that people of that village are using highly contaminated water. So I suggested them to use filter water which is filter by natural absorbent and it is easily and widely available at low cost. By using filter water they are having healthy life and because of this saving lots of money. Once I visited peri-urban area which is located near to the chemical industry. I observed that they are using contaminated water and because of this many people are suffering from several water causing diseases. I suggested them to use filter water which is purified by natural absorbent which are non toxic and not causing any pollution. After using this filtered water people are living healthy lives.


Once I went for a camp in a tribal area. I saw that people of that area are using contaminated water. I suggested them to used filter water which is filtered by natural absorbent. People of that area are illiterate. But for this filter plant an experience and literate person is required. So they are not able to use this filter plant. Once I visited a rural area. I saw that people of that area are using contaminated water. So, I suggested them to use filtered water which is filtered by natural absorbent. But people of that area told us that this process is very time consuming and slow so they are not able to gain water in large quantity and not able to used this filtered plant.

Mind Mapping Canvas Prototype Expected Outcome:

Natural absorbent are useful for the purification of waste water. Natural absorbent do not give any toxic effect. This method is eco-friendly and cheaper than any other method. It will reduce parameters like hardness, TS, Ph, Turbidity etc. It will also useful for the removal of pathogens, color and odor. The removal of impurities from waste water using Natural absorbent will influence by dosage of absorbents and contact time. Natural absorbent will be used in rural area, peri-urban area where there is no facilities are available for the water purification. The low cost absorptions will able to replace the high cost treatment system. Natural absorbent have the bright future because of their abundant source, low cost, eco-friendly and biodegradable nature in the branch of water purification.

11 February 2020
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