What Causes Divorce in Our Society

By definition, divorce is the ending of a marriage between couples. It usually happen when a husband and wife decide to part ways and no longer want to take obligations and liabilities of marriage. This disbands the union eventually making them each single again and allow them to marry other people if they want to. So, the question is, what causes divorce in our society?

The Main Proximal Causes of Divorce 

Extra-marital Affairs/ infidelity

This have become a regular occurrence in our society. Anger, resentment, difference in sexual desires and lack of emotional openness are reasons why couples cheat. It involves infidelity of physical, emotional and mental activities of someone who is married. At some point in life, married individuals practice unfaithfulness, influenced by increase in time spent away from spouse or developing a habits of having multiple partners prior to marriage, or even during marriage. Variations in extra marital affairs include one night affair and or emotional affair. Failure in fulfilling conjugal rights, break in communication, lack of children and different interests transpire to extra-marital affairs. Male partners among married couples have been identified as involved in extramarital sex. The odds of divorce dramatically increase due to affairs.

Domestic Violence

This is a serious public health problem. It involves the use or threat of physical attack such as pushing or punching, psychological abuse as well as forced sexual activity, to gain control in an intimate relationship. It results in fear, emotional and physical suffering. Women in current society are viewed to have suffered this torture from the spouses, they are the victims of domestic violence. Women often stay with their abusers because of being afraid that the abuser will become more violent if they try to leave. Some fear that they might lose their children. Others believe they cannot make it on their own. The spouse who has been victimized by the other partner should seek legal rights before taking action.

Substance Abuse

Parenting is questioned when a parent has a substance abuse problem. Drug abuse and alcoholism affect one’s personal relationships, financial stability and other key aspects of life, leaving a negative impact on children and marriage.

Marrying Too Young

Statistically, those who marry in their teens or early twenties are at a much greater risk of divorcing than those who marry above the age of 30. This is caused partly by partners drifting apart or developing differences as they mature, not completely ready for long-life commitments. Money and division of chores are the issues that most likely to spark conflict among young couples.

Lack of Support from Family and Friends

Support from immediate and extended family in marriage plays a crucial role. However when this support isn’t there, families tend to flat out and does disagree with your decision. Sometimes, they just need to validate your decision. It can be disrespectful to your personal boundaries and undermine your confidence. Instead of unconditional support, they challenge your decision to end your marriage.

Lack of Commitment

Being committed in a relationship means that you’re thinking about both of you in every big decision you will be making. Lack of this causes a downfall in marriage, one or both the spouses begin to drift away from the relationship taking their partners for granted. A person who doesn’t feel the responsibility of committing to his or her vows will be susceptible to different types of temptations which eventually lead to divorce

Much Conflict and Arguing

Couples ought to disagree on a couple of things, handling this is what matters most. Couples having same argument over time might do so because they may feel ignored or not appreciated. As a result, it is often hard to see the other person’s point of view, thus adding up a lot of arguments without coming to a resolution. It’s not the number or intensity of arguments that’s problematic but rather whether or not resolution of those arguments is likely or possible. Couples that get into trouble find themselves in conflicts that they cannot resolve or compromise upon to both party's satisfaction. Lack of solution to this leads to marriage termination.

Not Marrying for Love

Usually, love forms a basic foundation for marriage. In some cases, people marry due to other factors as social class, money or wealth of their partners of interests. Lack of foundational love in marriages often weakens the bonds in marriage.

Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy is the feeling of openness and closeness to someone else. When this lacks in a couple, one feels not attached as though you are strangers. This can be lack of physical and emotional intimacy which often leads to divorce.

Different Priorities and Interests

It’s often difficult to come to agreement in common passion and priorities in a couple, regardless of how important it is for a successful marriage. Couples that do not agree on what priorities to act on are likely to suffer the challenges of marriage.

Inability to Resolve Conflicts

Couples are often faced with disagreements and conflicts. Forming basis to settling such so that each partner feels heard and respected is a harder thing. Sometimes it calls for a third party to help ease the tension. Inability to do this worsen the situation which eventually lead to divorce.

Long-Distance Relationships

Being separated from your partner by miles and struggling to remain close often creates a void space in the connection. Suspicion, frustration and lack of understanding arise from lack of physical closeness. Here, partners end up imagining the most dreadful reasons for unavailability and lack of responsiveness. This becomes a leading reason for divorce in our society.


While divorce can save people from bad marriages, it can lead to devastating effects in the society, as dissolving families and weakening the belief that family is an essential social unit. In most cases, children of divorce develop weak social character and may end up becoming social defiant. 

16 December 2021
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